Revisiting Kiss Land

Ok, so enough time (maybe?) has passed since Kiss Land dropped that I can revisit my initial thoughts on the album and its leaks (which can be viewed here).

Again, just gives me a
reason. #ShrugLife. Hope
the family’s well and the
kid’s healthy.

Since I’ve actually listened to the whole effin’ thing, I can say two things. First, Kiss Land makes up for Yeezus (word to @DrizzleSez) and its many blunders. In moments where Yeezus failed (such as “the one song where Kanye talks about sex in a Weeknd-like manner”), KL succeds. But, it’s still not his mixtapes. This isn’t a bad thing; people mature and grow and make different music as different shit happens to them in life. I mean, I’m not making the same music I did when I made Thursday Daemons. If I were, I’d still be talking about liking “Latoya” and getting lapdances from a bevy of strippers at Ritz Cabaret (very Weeknd-y of me, wouldn’t you say?), wanting Raquel back, and being gone off a bunch of drugs, some of which are normally used to treat mental illness (again, I’m bipolar and was misdiagnosed several times).

Ok, some of those things I still talk about, but not in the same ways. My experiences since TD have allowed me to talk about these issues in a more mature and sophisticated manner–which brings me back to Kiss Land (no pun intended).

This GIF’s loop reminds me of listening to KL

As much as it’s not like his mixtapes (and Trilogy), it’s, sadly, just like his mixtapes (and Trilogy). He’s talking about making bodies talk, mixing drugs with sex (and alcohol), fucking hoes that he shouldn’t, and falling for women that should “belong to the world.” (The last I find myself relating to) It just feels like he doesn’t have much else to talk about, so he’s done went and repackaged everything that he’s already talked about and dressed it up for mainstream consumption.

Critics have called Kiss Land “lateral progression,” which, to be honest, is kind of putting it lightly. Now, again, I like The Weeknd. I think the guy’s voice is whiny as hell but haunting. I think lyrically and musically, he has that kind of fucked up/demented in a “pseudo-genius with sexual issues” thing going for him. I think he’s like a drugged-out Michael Jackson with abandonment issues and Canadian fuckery. That’s if, you know, MJ was 20-something in 2013 hip-hop-tinged pseudo-alt-R&B where it’s cool to sing about drugging your problems away because we’re all accepting of everything–or something.

But, for, at this point, four projects, he’s pretty much said/done the same shit. It’s like watching WWE trot out John Cena week after week (when he’s healthy) even though his act has long gone stale.

Will Weeknd’s second full LP prove growth? Hopefully or else Kiss Land will probably be going under pretty soon. And at this point? I’m not really sure if that’s a bad thing.

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