A Q&A with @BaileyXPaige

After taking a 24-hour full-out sabbatical from social media, I have returned (somewhat. I’m still on a slight sabbatical from it all, because reasons). And, I come bearing gifts. Recently, I reached out to model, entertainer, and self-professed Whovian Bailey Paige of BaileyXPaige.com to get the scoop on her music tastes, her Kink.com shoots, aspirations, the deal with everyone tweeting her their mixtape (Ed. Note: SPOILER ALERT! Don’t do it), dealing with self-righteous assholes, Doctor Who, and more. A LOT more.

Image Credit: @BaileyXPaige/Twitter.com

Ed. Note: Because a) Blogger/Google is going all sexually-repressive these days, b) I believe that you’ve got to support the arts/artists you rock with, and c) sex isn’t the only name of the game today, there won’t be any full-on NSFW pictures. So, if you’re (only) looking to get your rocks off fo’ free-ninety-nine, that’s not what we’re going after right now. Don’t be a freeloader, peeps. If you check out Bailey’s site(s) and Twitter and like what you see/have read, support! /rant.

Speed on the Beat: So, for those who don’t know who you are, can you introduce yourself?
Bailey Paige: My name is Bailey Paige and I’m an adult model and fetish performer. 
SOTB: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be and why?
Bailey: If I could only use three words to describe myself I suppose they’d be peace, love, and orgasms. I’m a total hippy at heart. I want love and happiness for everyone and I share that with them through multiple orgasms. 
SOTB: You can’t be mad at that philosophy. So, how’d you get into modeling and shooting movies?
Bailey: Like most, I got my start in the industry from camming. I cammed for a solid two years before I did my first “shoot,” though. Someone had contacted me about shooting with them for their foot fetish website. At first, I was totally against it cause of the response I had seen from the foot guys while camming. If you’re a cam model – tell me you don’t LOVE hearing “show feet bb” (laughs) Anyways, I ended up going through with it and actually enjoyed myself and the money I made from it and I guess the rest is history.
SOTB: How did your first scene go?
Bailey: I always get asked this question and never know how to respond. I was insanely nervous and shaking the whole time, like I had never sucked a dick in my life before then. After that, it was smooth sailing (laughs).
SOTB: How’d that Kink.com opportunity come up?
Bailey: You know how they say “the squeaky wheel gets the oil?” Well, I had messaged them just about a billion times telling them I was very interested in shooting with them. I even made friends with models that shoot with them regularly via Twitter so I could kinda get my “in,” if you will. But, even that didn’t seem to be working. 
It had been about three months since I had emailed them last and I finally heard from Simone! After that, it was still, like, three whole months before I actually got to shoot with them, but OMG was it worth it. I loved everything about the experience. You can read more about the details of my trip on my website, BaileyXPaige.com, by subscribing and viewing my blog. 
SOTB: Do you prefer working solo or with a willing participant?
Bailey: I don’t really have a preference as far as working solo or with a partner. However, I do prefer it more if it’s with someone that there’s some sort of connection/sexual tension with, ’cause it makes for a much hotter scene. 
SOTB: Do you have a favorite scene?
Bailey: I don’t really have a specific scene that I can call my “favorite.” But, I can say that I’ve done some scenes that stand out more than others. I did a scene with my girl Dakota Charms back in October last year and, to me, it was the hottest girl/girl action I had seen in a while ’cause there was a real connection. Also, it wasn’t really a staged scene. So, we were able to just be ourselves and just have fun with each other. It was epic (Ed. Note: I’ve seen the scene courtesy of Bailey’s site. She’s not kidding)
SOTB: What about with regards to shooting for a studio or working on your own, doing, for instance, a Chaturbate show? Without potentially jeopardizing your earning potential, which one’s your 

Image Credit: @BaileyXPaige/Twitter.com

Bailey: I can’t really say I have a preference on this one either. Having done both full-time I can say they’re both equally as involved as the other and take up just as much time. However, I wouldn’t have been able to see the places I have without porn! 
SOTB: Who are some people you want to work with, in any venue?
Bailey: I would absolutely love to work with Nina Hartley and Evan Stone someday. Not necessarily at the same time, but would be preferred. SOMEONE MAKE IT SO!
SOTB: What’d you say has been your biggest accomplishment? 
Bailey: I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment would have to be finally getting in to shoot with Kink.com. That was one of the main reasons I got into the industry. 
SOTB: How do you deal with assholes who want to (try and) police how you express yourself? I’ve seen some of your tweets and want to know if you want to expand on your thoughts on these “holier than thou” folk?
Bailey: You might have messed up asking me that question cause I can talk about these assholes all day long. 
SOTB: (Laughs) Go ahead. I run a pretty loose ship.
Bailey: Most of the hate I receive has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with my job. These people act like, because I’m a sex worker, I can’t have an opinion on the matter. And, as soon as I say something they start with the slut-shaming. Which, I always say, if any man calls a girl a “slut” or “loose” simply because she is a sex worker, he should have to post his own internet history. 
SOTB: Interesting concept. It’d probably open a lot of eyes and/or minds.
Bailey: If you don’t respect the people that provide this service, don’t you DARE consume it. Next comes the people who’re just downright disrespectful and wake up in the morning and say “how can I ruin someone’s day today?” People have killed themselves for less than some of the hate that I’ve received via Twitter and other social media outlets. It’s absurd. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it could endanger the welfare of another human, it simply shouldn’t be said. We’re all humans. We make mistakes, we disagree, we fight, but most importantly of all, we love and forgive. We need to stop intentionally trying to break someone down because of their race, creed, gender, et cetera. and go back to the basics.
SOTB: Is it a normal occurrence, to deal with those types?
Bailey: I get hate on a daily basis. Most of which I block and they’re gone like a fart in the wind. But every now and then, I’m in a rare mood and willing to fight about what I believe in. 
SOTB: Definitely know that feeling. What would you say to someone who’s thinking about getting involved in modeling and/or “adult entertainment?”
Bailey: This industry is fucking cutthroat. It’s hard to get in, it’s hard to stay in, and it’s hard to leave. The only thing I’d suggest to someone looking to getting into the industry is that they do their research about agents, companies, testing standards, etc. It’s just as much of a job as anything else. You have to be committed. None of this half-ass shit or you’re gonna get half-ass work. Plain and simple. 
SOTB: Also, what would you say to a person, man or woman, who suffers from performance anxiety in the bedroom?
Bailey: I’d say that the most important thing about any sexual relationship is communication. If you’re having trouble performing in the bedroom, it’s probably because you’re uncomfortable with something. You need to speak up and tell this person what you do and don’t like, and vice versa. Sex is supposed to be fun and feel good. You should never be nervous about your sexuality. Be proud of who you are and it’ll show.  
SOTB: Favorite position? Sorry, I know it’s kind of trite.
Bailey: Face down, ass up. I wanna feel that hard cock deep inside my pussy.
SOTB: Switching gears, you’re a Whovian, I see. In your opinion, where should newcomers start? Should they begin with the original series, some of the newer ones, or somewhere in the middle?
Bailey: OMG I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never watched the Classic Doctor Who series. I think it’s safe to say that they can start with the 2005 series, but definitely start at S01E01, so you can see the character development. 
SOTB: Your secret’s safe with me. So, other than the good Doctor, what other shows are you into at the moment?
Bailey: My favorite TV shows right now are It’s Always Sunny, The Walking Dead, Helix, House of Cards (the Kevin Spacey version), American Horror Story, Lilyhammer, and my boyfriend just got me started on Arrow which I cannot stop fucking watching. SO IN LOVE WITH OLIVER QUEEN. 
SOTB: When you’re not shooting, what are some ways you spend the day?
Bailey: Well, most of you should know by now that I’m a mother. So, I like to spend my days off with my daughter. Besides that, I like to get high and relax with my favorite TV shows. 
SOTB: What are your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana as a self-proclaimed “cannabis enthusiast?”
Bailey: Like I said earlier, I’m a total hippy at heart. I fucking love weed and everything about it. It’s amazing healing properties, the smell, the taste, everything. I support the legalization of MMJ and recreational marijuana 100% and will continue to campaign for its passage across America until it’s federal legalization. 
SOTB: Are you an animal person? 
Bailey: I am! I love all the little critters! Cats, dogs, snakes, spiders, you name it. I’ve got a pet Ball Python named Nagini, but other than that, I don’t have any other fur babies. I feel like I travel too much to take on that type of responsibility right now. 
SOTB: Had to save this one for close to the end. How many tats and piercings do you have? And what are some of the most significant ones?
Bailey: I currently have 8 tattoos and 3 piercings. My favorite tattoo is probably the rotten apple on my left thigh/leg area, because one of my best friends in the world did it for me. I also seriously LOVE my dead tree on my right foot. It’s just so dark and sexual (laughs).
SOTB: When’d you get your first tattoo?
Bailey: Stereotypical 18th birthday tattoo. I got a star on the back of my neck like a fucking idiot (laughs).
SOTB: Musically, what are your tastes?
Bailey: I am stuck in 2006, music-wise. I love Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Something Corporate, and all those emo, self-loathing bands. As for the newer music, I always love the indie pop bands like alt-J (Ed. Note: I admittedly got introduced to alt-J through their collabo with Big K.R.I.T. Other than that, they’re legit talented), Grouplove, Matt and Kim, Of Monsters and Men, etc. 
SOTB: I have seen quite a few people tweet you their mix-tape(s). Can I tweet you mine when it comes out? Kidding…mostly. 
Bailey: I swear to Bob, these motherfuckers send me their mix-tapes like I’m the fucking CEO of Def Jam. No, Tyrone, we don’t want to listen to your mix-tape. 
SOTB: Do you get legit annoyed by the artists who do that? Or is it kind of one of those “Oh ok. People think I’m ‘cool’ enough to spam me with stuff in some ass-backwards hope to get signed” sort of things?
Bailey: To be perfectly honest, spamming me and a million others with your mix-tape via Twitter/email is the absolute WRONG way to get me to listen to your music. 
SOTB: Agreed. Written about it a ton of times. I just wish they’d listen.
Bailey: First of all, I don’t even fucking like rap. Most of the shit these days is talking about big titty bitches, 40″ rims, and blowing insane amounts of money at strip clubs. I want to hear lyrics that matter, that affect me. Not some dude bragging about getting a lapdance ’cause he’s making it rain at the club. If an artist actually used his money to better himself as well as society, I feel like I’d be more open to listening. But, I’m not about to help support someone that’s going to waste it all away on booze and drugs.
SOTB: If you’ve listened to them, what was the best mix-tape you’ve heard that someone’s tweeted you?
Bailey: I honestly can’t remember any off the top of my head, but if I liked it, chances are I retweeted it. 
SOTB: Where can readers find you online, like Twitter and all?
Bailey: You can find me on Twitter at @BaileyXPaige and on my website BaileyXPaige.com. I’m also all over clips4sale.com, for you fetish lovers and you can always email me love, questions, custom video orders, etc. to BaileyXPaige@gmail.com
SOTB: Do you have any last thoughts, concerns, giant middle fingers you want to throw out to people, etc.?
Bailey: I guess I’d like to finish by saying thank you to my fans and friends for the immense amount of support I receive. I wouldn’t be here, and honestly couldn’t do it without, without you guys. I appreciate every single one of you. To the people that don’t like me? I wish you love and prosperity for years to come. 
Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on speedonthebeat.com. Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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