An SOTB!!! Interview with Melody Kush, Part Two

A couple months back, I got the chance to interview cam model, Montreal native and all-around positive energy giver Melody Kush. So, it was only natural that we conduct a part two of the interview. Continue reading after the jump for Melody’s thoughts on her successes thus far, her moves onto her personal site, her humanist beliefs, International Sex Workers’ Day, and more.

Speed on the Beat: Have you balanced any more high heel shoes on your head lately? Figured I’d bring that one back up (laughs).

Melody Kush: Ha! Nope (laughs). Actually, the weird requests seem to have gone down a bit…in my chatroom at least. I mean, I get the regular “can we do incest roleplay” requests (laughs). But nothing as cool as balancing a stiletto on my head ;).

Speed: But, ok, for real. How’ve things been going on your end since our last interview?

MK: Things have been really great! My man & I are settling into our new apartment nicely. Been working hard to make our new place feel like home. Working from home it’s important that your space makes you feel good and generates creativity, and I think we’re doing a good job at creating that feeling 🙂

Speed: I notice you’ve kind of started to get the ball rolling more on your own site. Any further progress on that end?

MK: Yeah! I’ve been mainly focusing on video shoots with a new videographer who is AMAZING. We get along great! It’s his first time filming porn so he really brings an outsider artistic element that’s not always seen in the porn world. I’m quite happy with the latest content we’ve been shooting :). My site is definitely taking shape, slow and steady :). I also went to visit Ariel Rebel abroad back in April, and, just for fun, she attempted to be my photographer one day. Turns out she’s really talented!!! The pics turned out stellar and I’m looking forward to having her as my photographer again :). We have so much fun together!

Speed: You mentioned previously that you’ve done live shows in other places. Have you ever gone on tour? Like, a “Melody Kush Road Trip” of sorts?

MK: I WISH! (laughs) I actually still don’t drive *womp womp*. I grew up in the city with no need for a license, so that has been kind of limiting. It’s almost worth it to get it just so I can find cool outdoor spots to be naked in hehe There is nothing like hanging out butt naked with nature!!

Speed: How exhilarating was it to go to Vegas?

MK: Vegas was really rad the first time I went! I had to do it once in my life, it’s pretty much my Mecca as a poker player. My husband proposed to me shortly after we landed so I was on a high for the entire trip!

Speed: He really knows how to make an impression.

MK: I also had a chance to play a few tourneys and had a blast! The second time I went, I made a point to see things I didn’t see the first time like Old Vegas, etc.. but the initial magic just wasn’t there. Also the 2nd time we stayed for a full week, and we both got a really sick at the end of our trip.. a week is just too long to stay in Vegas haha Seen it, time to move on, unless I go for a work opportunity. There are tons of places in the US and elsewhere that I’d love to visit!

Photo Credit: Melody Kush’s Google+ Page

Speed: I had a chance to re-read your VICE interview from last year. Has there been more of a shift between “business” and personal over these past couple months?

MK: I’ve been really focused on my business lately but that doesn’t mean my personal life has been neglected. I have an incredibly busy social life so that keeps me balanced 🙂 On a more personal level, these last few months building our new home together (my husband and I) has been really cleansing. As hard as it sometimes is to balance work/relationship sex sometimes, I don’t think it affects our relationship as much as maybe it once did. The fact that I have been more focused on business has probably helped, strangely. Being successful is a turn on of sorts 😛

Speed: True.

MK: We have a strong, healthy, supportive relationship and I’m very thankful :).

Speed: One thing that you talked about over on the VICE interview was how some people feel being engaged or married “ruins the fantasy.” Is it a common misconception, in your experience, that most cammers and so on are single and—and I can’t believe I’m saying this—ready to mingle?

MK: More camgirls are in serious relationships than people realize, I think. I have a lot of respect for those who aren’t afraid to show it, but I do understand those who hide it as well. We are performers, and some people’s persona relies on an image that they’ve projected (in this case, being single and the idea of them being available). But I think there’s an equal attraction for the “married chick.”

In my experience, though, it’s actually it’s only a very small percentage of fans that will be vocal about it “ruining their fantasy” and to be honest, I prefer to surround myself with people that are happy for me. I am who I am, and if I’m not the hot single lady you’re looking for, there’s plenty of fish in the sea! I’m so happy and comfortable in my relationship, I really just wanna spread the love :).

I even helped give some advice to a lovely camgirl struggling with the idea of announcing to her fans not only that she had a boyfriend, but that she had recently gotten engaged and wasn’t sure how to (or if she should) express it. It basically comes down to the type of person you want to interact with online. Those who are happy for your are generally sweethearts and really love you for you, and those are the people I wanna talk to every day. They help make what I do for a living worth it 🙂

Speed: I may’ve left this out our previous interview. Would you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?

MK: I’m all for equal rights, but I guess I’m more of a humanist. I mean, I’m not all radical and overly opinionated which is generally what people think when they hear the word “feminist.” But anyone who opposes equal rights should really give themselves a serious reality check.

Speed: Agreed. Do you feel that “feminists” get a bad rep from the media, Twitter, the social patriarchy, and the like?

MK: Maybe, but the biggest changes in the world resulted from people motivated by passion :).

Speed: One of your posts on RebelMayhem was about International Sex Workers’ Day. What are some of the efforts you and the Rebel Family are involved in to end the exploitation of sex workers, online and otherwise?

MK: If I take myself as an example, I had an opportunity to start a personal erotic blog and create my website over time, while building up my fan base… MY WAY and no one else’s. Had I jumped into this when I was 18 (13 years ago) I may not have gotten that same luxury. I watched Ariel Rebel grow into her own and she has been a great example of a successful woman in this industry doing everything her way, but it wasn’t always like that. She earned that right, and has passed it onto me.

I’ve never ever had to do anything I didn’t want to regarding shoots, et cetera and the fact that I’ve been successful doing things on my own is definitely empowering. This sets a good example out there to girls starting out, seeing how happy and in control we are of our own business, and hopefully encourage girls to start off on the right foot. There will sadly always be exploitation out there, but if girls like us continue to show society that you CAN do it for yourself and be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL, our mission is complete :).

Speed: On that note, what are your thoughts on people who scope out your work for free? For instance, someone gains a download or an XVideos link not authorized by you?

MK: (Laughs) Well…comes with the territory, I guess. To some extent, you just have to ignore it and convince yourself it’s good promo. I think I’ll be more comfortable with the idea once my website is launched, ‘cuz at least when people see that free clip they might look me up and say “Ohhhh she has a website?” and sign up if they liked what they saw :).

It gets to me sometimes (I am human, after all). Like, when people tell me to my face they just ripped off my content, minutes after I released it (laughs). Like “Hey dude it just took me 8 hours to film/edit that 10 minute video you got for free” (laughs) but ultimately? Welcome to the internet.

Speed: Fair. So, where are some places you still want to see/things you still want to do before you move more behind the camera? I know it’s not happening right at this moment, but my interest is piqued.

MK: Gosh I dunno! As much as I think of my future, I kinda live in the moment. I have plans for a new laptop and other expensive things that are my main focus right now. As far as seeing/doing things, that will happen more post-launch of One thing I’d really love to do is more magazine/print work. But right now my life is my husband, my home and my site, who knows what the future will bring :).

Speed: There’s nothing like your hometown. Your love of Montreal reminds me of my love, for better or worse, of my hometown of Baltimore. What are some things that make Montreal, as you mentioned in your last interview, “perfect?”

MK: Name it. Summer in Montreal is like no other. Minus the construction, I can’t complain, there’s no shortage of awesome festivals, good food and great friends.

Speed: Would you ever consider moving from Montreal?

MK: I’d consider it…It would be really hard, but yes. I would stay in Canada, though. If the right opportunity came along I’d go to *gulp* Toronto (laughs). Maybe even one day end up in the Maritimes where all my family, aside from me, is from. Nothing like seafood and ocean all day! While I’m still young and full of energy, I’m happy where I am :). I haven’t traveled much out of North America so it’s hard for me to say I’d move halfway across the world given the chance. Being close to my family is important to me :).

Speed: As always, do you have any final thoughts to readers, fans, and so on?

MK: Just that I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I wouldn’t be who I am without you! I’ll leave you with a bit of wisdom: don’t spend your life doing what others expect you to do. Happiness is key 🙂

Speed: Melody, again, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. And readers? If you want more of Melody, aside from the links from our first interview and here, you can check her out on at and

Speed on the Beat

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