An Interview with Bailey Paige: Part Two

A few months back, I interviewed fetish model, cam model, and adult film star Bailey Paige on her successes. It only felt right to revisit her to see how things’ve been over the past few months. As always, the interview may get slightly-NSFW. So, reader discretion is advised. 

Speed: So, since our last conversation, you’ve been on your no days off tip. Can you let the faithful know about some of the things you’ve been working on?

Bailey: I’ve actually been taking it slow these days. Mainly focusing on my solo website (with a few friends, of course) Go check it out! Lots of fun and exciting things happening over there!

Speed: Does it ever get tiring being on the move so much?

Bailey: I do actually get tired of being on the move which is definitely the main reason I’ve been trying to take it easy these days. Traveling is fun and all, but spending time with my family at home is where it’s at!

Speed: Where’d the idea for you to get into, and please correct me if my terminology is wrong, small/giant fetishism? 

Bailey: Ah, giantess fetish. One of my absolute favorites. I’m a tiny person, but with giantess fetish, I get to pretend to be larger than life! I get to squish, tease, and even eat my prey! It’s absolutely amazing (Laughs evilly)!

Speed: Did that bring along any new fans to the site?

Bailey: I do have some fans that love my giantess fetish stuff, but I think they like my size comparisons and lift and carry stuff waaaay more.

Speed: Has working in the adult industry affected your relationships with people outside of it?

Bailey: The adult industry definitely does have it’s pro’s and con’s. I have lost friends over the “you’re a fucking whore online” comments. The ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Like I don’t deserve the right to have an opinion on anything simply because I’ve sucked dicks on the internet before. It’s fucking shameful. 

Speed: Have you had to deal with any giant assholes since we’ve spoke. I know that going in on assholes is a specialty of yours–wow that sounded dirtier than I thought–so I’d figured I’d let you do so to your heart’s content.

Bailey: The assholes have actually calmed down a bit. There’s still the occasional “you’re a meth whore” comments, but I bet you’ll never guess that I’m actually sober from drugs and alcohol for several years now. It’s funny that just because someone gets naked on the internet, people automatically assume the worst of them. But I always say “Opinions are like orgasms; mine’s more important and I don’t really care if you have one”.

Speed: Switching up, should,l police, in your opinion, be required to wear body cameras? Or is it, to you, one of those catch-22 situations?

Bailey: Yes, body cameras for everyone. I think it’s protects the innocent. Whether that be the cop or the civilian. It’s hard evidence that cannot be refuted in court. BODY CAMS ALL AROUND. 

Speed: Is there a such thing, in your own experience, as a “good cop?”

Bailey: I know several men and women on the police force that are upstanding, respectful people. However, I do believe that all too often these days cops (and the government for that matter) are overusing their power. I understand that you have a gun and the authority to hold us to the standards of the local and state law, but that doesn’t mean you need to be straight up executing people in the streets simply because you don’t like their attitude or the way they look.

Speed: Can universal peace ever be achieved?

Bailey: Until the men and women in positions of power, whether it be cops or government, start using their positions for the better – I don’t think we will ever achieve universal peace. I think that right now this is America – the land of the free and the home of the easily offended and we have to change that. Everyone needs to start being more open to the idea of people being, and acting, different. Black, white, gay, straight, trans-gendered, etc. We’re all different. I’m not religious, but for those of you that are – if [your] god wanted us to all be the same, why would he have made us so different?

Speed: Going back to the work, when can we expect some of your new scenes to drop? I know you 
mentioned you were working a convention the last time we spoke. Will we get any “behind the scenes” looks? 

Bailey: Ugh! I still haven’t uploaded the pictures from #FetishCon2015, but yes, there will be tons of behind the scenes stuff coming! As far as scenes go, well you’re just going to have to follow me and find out! 😛

Speed: Are you glad the cam model world is still predominantly female? Personally, I am. But that’s because I love solo videos and the like. I don’t know; I’ve got my own junk. Don’t need to see someone else jacking their’s (laughs)

Bailey: The cam industry, to me, is way overpopulated these days. I remember when I knew all the girls that were camming, but now it’s like there’s a new girl popping up every day! I will admit though, I do prefer watching women touch themselves as opposed to watching men. Penises are great and all, but they’re just not as sexy as pussies. 

Speed: As always, where can readers reach you?

Bailey: You can always reach me on twitter @BaileyXPaige. Email for session info and custom videos. You can also visit my website 

Speed: Do you’ve any final thoughts for anyone out there?

Bailey: I just want everyone to know that deep down inside – we’re all good people. You’re taught hate, not born into it. Look deep inside yourself and I bet you’ll find a loving, compassionate human in there somewhere. I hope you all like this look inside my head and I look forward to doing more interviews with you in the future! 
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