PA Volume 23: Spike’s Redemption, Logic, and Drizzle’s New Music Unveiling

NSFW Warning/Disclaimer: 
PA (short for “Profound Assholes”) is a series on where I have a no-punches-pulled conversation with a friend about a hot-button issue (yay cliches!). That friend is usually none other than Drizzle Sez formerly of, who co-created the PA format (go check out his site. It’s still live and still kicks much ass to this day). Today, we discuss Steve Blum, Logic’s TITS album (again) for a brief review of the LP.

Drizzle: I…I can’t…I can’t listen to Logic when the back-and-forth between him and Steve Blum is so fucking priceless! I mean, “Bitches love the Rubix Cube!” 
(Speed laughs)

Speed: So, has Blum redeemed himself in your eyes? I mean, even a morsel? Ya know, since you and I both commented on our disdain for his take on Orochimaru. Sorry, Steve. Also, as an aside, I just found out that Cloud is gonna be in Super Smash Brothers. I’m astounded–
Drizzle: That’s old nerd news, Speed–
Speed: Hey. Fuck you. When they announced it, it was my mom’s birthday. So, yeah! I’m allowed to zone out then (Speed laughs).

Drizzle: Ok, fair. But, for really though. I fuck with this album.
Speed: Yeah, it’s an interesting concept, to say the very least.
Drizzle: Except…Steve Blum and Big Lenbo play the Triple S: The Spotlight Stealing Squad.
Speed: …yep. So, Logic doesn’t get distracted–nor does he distract the listeners–by sometimes sounding like K dot here. However, he gets his spotlight stolen a bit and, at least for me, I’ve found myself, at times, more enthralled with what OG Spike’s gotta say and the guest spot(s).
Drizzle: I mean, dude can rap.

Speed: But? Because I know there’s a “but.”
Drizzle: Nope. I like it.
Speed: Except that he gets outshined a bit by Toonami Tom? Or does that add to the epicness of the project for you.
Drizzle: Adds to the epic.
Speed: Yeah, it had some hiccups. And fuck it, I’m not talking about the “ohh, he sounds like Kendrick” shit. I mean, for real. You can sound like someone a lot worse than Kendrick. Just saying. But, yeah. Overall, the album was pretty legit. 
Drizzle: I’m sorry. Their back-and-forth was great.
Speed: Don’t apologize (Speed laughs).
Drizzle: But…I am sorry.
Speed: Why?
Drizzle: I mean, just last week, I went in on Steve Blum. Now, he’s redeemed.
Speed: Shrug. It happens.
Drizzle: No…it doesn’t.
Speed: Bruh, it…happens.
Drizzle: Not for me, it doesn’t.
Speed: Explain…
Drizzle: Ok. So, when people fall off, they’re dead to me. I mean, if you talk to me about the people who’ve fallen off, I’d probably be here for a minute. But, Blum? He…isn’t dead. I mean, it might be because Logic put some pretty tasty jams in there to make me ignore my gripes about Steve.
Speed: Perhaps. Either that or hearing the phrase “bitches love the Rubix Cube” melted your cold heart towards him.
Drizzle: Nah. I was feeling it before then. 
Speed: Well, then…he’s alive again. And it’s all thanks to Logic and his use of Blum. Thank you, Logic. 
Drizzle: Yep. In other news, my Twitter shoutout has been quite successful. Every indie artist on Earth, it seems, is sending me music. And a lot of it? It’s not only fuckwithable, it’s damn fuckwithable.
Speed: Ok, I’m intrigued.
Drizzle: I knowwww. It’s, like, a glorious experience.
Speed: Yes, it is. Welcome to my world.
Drizzle: So many people. So many influences. So many different stories.
Speed: So, are you gonna cover any of these tasty jams with different stories and influences? Or are you just gonna hoard them for yourself?
Drizzle: I’m gonna cover ’em. I figure I’ll do it next week. On Thanksgiving, I’ll showcase.
Speed: Nice. 
Drizzle: But, lemme tell you: I feel enlightened.
Speed: This is a good thing.
Drizzle: Me being pissed off at people because of The Weeknd shit is the best thing that’s happened to my music palate in a minute.
Speed: Huzzah.
Drizzle: I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all. But, when I’m in my truck and bumping shit? Hell yeah. I do gotta say this, though. When I listen to music, my level of careitude is 100% based off of how I feel when I’m hearing it or what it makes me feel. But, again, I’ve got a lot of shit to share. I’m not hoarding it…ever (Drizzle laughs).
Drizzle: I fucks with something.
Speed: And again, that’s a good thing. So, readers and whatnot. This is an abbreviated edition of “Profound Assholes.” Nevertheless, be sure to check out Logic’s TITS album–that’s short for The Incredible True Story–and keep your eyes and earholes open next week for Drizzle’s Indie Showcase. 
Speed on the Beat

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