Reyna Means Queen: An Interview with the "Queen of Nudes"

Reyna is an enigma.

That was my initial take on the 21-year-old college student who took social media by storm with a simple leaked snapshot and a Vine. That is, if you call an impromptu make-out session with a female friend which, at its peak, was looped millions of times “simple.” In the two-plus years since that original Vine, the young woman has, in her words, gone through a lot. 

With events ranging from unwanted attention to breakups, from typical college student happenings to becoming one of the more-interesting personalities on Snapchat (either through her musings about the failures of men to make her orgasm, her interaction with former Terp Diamond Stone that was picked up by several sports sites, or just her ability to shut down men and women who give her crap), Reyna has made a quiet niche for herself between the Zola insanity-level stories and your run-of-the-mill undergrad double major at a flagship university. And while she lives life with an “I don’t give a fuck what you think” approach, I always felt that there was more. And I, being the inquisitive question-solver that I am, wanted to figure it out.

I originally set out to interview Reyna to show people that this young woman wasn’t The Unicorn. I set out to showcase that she was more normal than some of her extracurricular activities paint her to be. I additionally wanted to know what made her tick and give her a chance to tell the world how she really feels about her increasing fame–or infamy, depending on how you view her actions. And while the road to this point has been hectic–you can read why elsewhere–the months that I’ve been in contact with Reyna have shown me that, well, there’s more to every story–even the stories that are presented for the world to divulge. As clichéd as it may sound, the cover only tells some of the story of Reyna.

The video below is the re-upload of our original November 2015 interview, back by request.

In speaking with Reyna about why she hustles the way she does and why she decided to let people into her private moments en masse, it would seem that it’s part-sexual revolution, part-financial independence. She makes it known ad nauseum that she’s not a porn star or anything of that ilk. In working with her, she constantly reiterated to “nix the softcore porn aspect” when referring to what she’s done, and rightfully so. While she may enjoy showcasing her assets, she’s done so in a way that allows for freedom from the “porn star” moniker outright.
Independence is one of the keys for understanding what makes Reyna tick. In one conversation with her, she informed me that, while people may wish to give her money, she prefers making it on her own, that there’s nothing comparable to getting your own money. But, it’s not all about the money. It’s about trying to control the image that’s put out. In some ways, Reyna’s learned from the Dr. Dres, Jay Zs and Drakes of the world. If they’re not talking about you, that’s bad. If they are talking about you, make sure you’re controlling what they’re talking about. If it, somehow, morphs into something that can’t be controlled on your end, lay low, reformulate your strategy, and then go bananas in your revised strategy.

This strategy, over the past few years, has worked and worked wonders. Has it brought a ton of, at times, unwanted attention her way? Yes. Unfortunately, shitty people come with the territory. But, she’s managed to work through many of the crapstorms thrown her way. It’s for that reason that I, back in 2013, originally shouted her out and commended her for how she was going about this whole thing. Instead of taking the “hoe” label and/or retreating, she’s attempted to turn the world and that word on its ear.

Outside of her obvious assets, the college student finds herself enjoying so-called “nerdy” things, such as anime, manga, and, in some ways, trolling followers for reactions. One of my personal favorites involved ramping up the “me girl, me dumb about sportsball” trope and then busting out some obscure knowledge many of her male followers read, slack-jawed. In high school, Reyna, per our phone interview, indicated she was the type that’d walk around with Naruto headbands and the like on. And it’s through that embracing, to a degree, of anime nerdishness, mixed in with her knowledge, bluntness, and irreverent humor, that’s won her fans and attention throughout social media.

However, the young woman will not fully showcase herself to the world. And, when you really think about it…why should she? You’ve got to keep something to yourself in this world, even when you give a lot. But, it’s my hope that, through this piece and its accompanying phone interview, you’ll get to hear, from Reyna’s mouth, what’s the real behind some of what makes Reyna, Reyna. All I’ve gotta say is “you can’t trust everything the bigger sites are saying.”

For more on Reyna, check out her new-and-improved site,

Speed on the Beat

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