Speed on the Beat Interviews @TheNudeQueen, Part Two

Over a year ago, I had the chance to interview Reyna of QueenofNudes.com about her rise to prominence online and off. One of my favorite interviews, the 28 minute piece touched on a lot of issues, ranging from Naruto to her mother’s initial reaction to her first leaks. In the year-plus that’s passed, both Reyna’s world and the world we live in as a whole have changed. The self-annointed “Queen of Nudes” has started up her own site and has stayed in the minds of many for her unfiltered opinions on life–and some of her expeditions. On a worldly level, there have been a lot of changes and subtractions from this life we live. From the death of Prince to the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, we’ve seen it all.

The 2016 Presidential election was a controversial election, to say the least. For many, Trump’s election felt like a slap in the face. Questions such as “how could this happen” were soon replaced by fear of Trump potentially unraveling progress made by his predecessors. For others, such as the alt-right, it felt like a move in their direction. Nevertheless, Donald Trump’s election has had very polarizing effects–and he’s not even in office yet. Reyna, being the outspoken young woman she is, decided to take her fanbase and reach and use them to, as she’s done with sexual rights and sexual liberation, protest on some of the choices President-Elect Trump has made during his campaign. Today, we catch up with Reyna to discuss her recent protest against Trump’s seemingly apparent disregard for women, minorities, and, well, just about everyone.

As an assault survivor, Reyna knew that she had to become another voice in the war against the “-isms” of the world, especially racism and sexism. And while she wasn’t completely on board with either candidate this year, she felt that having someone who talked about emails was still less endangering to her way of life (specifically, living in America as a Black woman) than Trump’s philosophies. Because of the election, she and others are only ramping up their efforts to spread positive energy and messages of anti-hatred.

What was initially seen as a damper for those seeking change has only energized those sharing similar mindsets. When Reyna removed her clothing and sought to dare the establishment to treat her–or any woman, for that matter–as just a piece of ass, she didn’t spend months planning it. Going on a whim, Reyna went, grabbed a sign, and became another actor in the play of creating positive change in the world.

In addition to our election/political talk, we also had a chance to discuss the growth of QueenofNudes.com in the past year. While school and the like have slowed the release of new material down a bit, business couldn’t be better. The hate for Reyna has, for the most part, been replaced with admiration for what she’s done. And those who consider themselves fans of “The Nude Queen” have only grown in numbers.

This also draws from, as we discussed, her connection to younger women and women her own age. Acting as a beacon of hope for people who may just becoming comfortable with their sexuality, Reyna hopes to tell these people that, contrary to those who want to treat women as their playthings, it’s okay to still be sexual, be nerdy, be horny, and just plain be yourself.

In her early 20s, the student/sexually liberated young woman sees that, while she doesn’t exactly know if she’ll be sharing Snap stories in her 30s and 40s, the world is opening up to her–and not just because of the nudes. Aspiring to work with Japanese students and heading to grad school, Reyna seeks to have her head in the books just as much as she aspires to have folks learn from her Snaps. Because of this, many of her followers and the like “came for the nudes, but they stayed for the vibes.” That has allowed her to be a social media leader and a leader offline as well.

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