Let’s (Finally) Talk ShETHER: SOTBMusic Discusses the Ramifications of @RealRemyMa’s Diss

OK. I know that the flame from “shETHER” isn’t as hot as it was on Saturday. That’s mainly because we haven’t heard a response from Nicki Minaj. What that means is this: Nicki Minaj lost the feud. Yes, you can say “ooooh, album sales. Nicki sold more than Remy.” And, let’s be honest. That’s true to a degree.

Nicki has a pop feel. And while she’s been good for hip-hop in some ways, she has, during her height, been more on a pop-rap tip. That usually sells more than the “rappity-rap” bars that artists like Remy have put out. That’s especially true in an era that pop-rap and turn-up vibes are the move and the norm for a lot of artists. That’s not to say that Nicki, at no point, hasn’t had bars. But, at this point: she’s pretty much strictly pop-rap and Remy’s more of that grimy “BARS” rap. On top of that, Nicki has more sales than Lauryn Hill…but does that mean that Nicki’s a better artist than L-Boogie? No. So, why should numbers be the determining factor as to who’s better?

But…that aside, Nicki has lost this one. Why? She hasn’t responded with anything other than “I’ve got numbers” tweets and IG posts and whatnot. Now, I like Nicki. I like Remy. I think this beef, if Nicki ever responds, is good for the culture and all that “real nigga” bullshit. I think that we need both artists in some ways. But…Nicki had time to respond with bars. She hasn’t By default, she lost just like Meek lost the Drake feud. Even if Meek came back with some hits, he he took too damn long to respond while Drake had out shit like “Back to Back.” L’s are plentiful if you don’t respond in a timely manner.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any real coming back, rap-wise, for Minaj at this point. Even if she still puts out numbers, people will have “shETHER” in their backpocket like “oh, yeah…she kinda got shat on with that one and hard. I don’t know if I should fully fuck with her.” Oh well. Anything is possible in rap, so let’s keep our ears to the street and just vibe with “shETHER” for the moment.

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