WIRTB Review: In The Mix

Well, we recently brought back PA after a hiatus. Why not bring back the series that chronicles some of the worst mad cow-infested bovine dung Hollywood (and sometimes wrestling) has to offer. It is I, your furry neighborhood pal Speed on the Beat back with the first WIRTB in what seems like years. Young Midoriya […]

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SOTBMusic Retrospective: A Motown Christmas

(Ed. Note: this piece was originally posted on definearevolution.com in 2015) I am a nerd for the holiday season. I am a nerd for it, through and through. As soon as Thanksgiving is over–and most people are trampling over each other to get that new smart TV that’s only a couple dollars off from its […]

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SOTBNerdy: Drizzle and Gingawd Discuss Trigun

So, we’re kind of bringing PA back. Maybe there’ll be more, but we’ll see. Today, Drizzle Sez and Gingawd tackle the classic series Trigun and if the manga is better than the anime. Spoilers aplenty. If you have never seen the series, check it out on Hulu now. Speed: So, I want to watch Trigun […]

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