Kev Haven and Butch Dawson Pull No Punches with New “Limited Time” Visuals

“My team won’t fold.” – Kev Haven

Kev Haven + Butch Dawson on a track is one of the most ambitious, but dopest team-ups I’ve seen in a long time likening to Goku and Vegeta, Superman and Batman, the Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour…y’all get the point.

Facetious intros aside, Mild Sobriety heavy-hitter Kev Haven returns from a quiet break, packing just as heavy heat ahead of his forthcoming wave of content for the Fall. Aren’t we lucky? With “Limited Time” feat. Butch Dawson, Kev Haven harps on what it means to stick to the grind.

The bewitching instrumental of the intro and candid shots draw the viewer in. The lyrics of the hook sound like Kev Haven is not only driven, but it’s urgent that he continues on his trajectory as smoothly as possible. Kev Haven is featuring a nationally acclaimed artist, but is a star in his own right, signified by the way he switches from a light flow to one that shows mastery of the art of rap with varied rhyme schemes and solid striking bars.

“Had to take a trip to the bag, no luggage/We ain’t wastin’ time, we on the grind” – Kev Haven

The two rappers are clearly in the business of delivering rap scriptures as Butch anchors the song by coming in hot with true business and hustle talk inspired by his actual daily life.

    “I just need a cordless mic and it’s showtime/All that envy, put that energy in YOUR grind/Put some money in your own pocket boy, it’s no time/I make history to blow minds.”

    – Butch Dawson

I took time to ask Kev Haven himself about the creation of such a solid track and what’s next for the Mild Sobriety prodigy.

MV: “Limited Time” contains some of your waviest bar structure. Do you have a project planned for the near future? Will this be a great Mild Sobriety Fall like last year?

KH: Yes I do, it’s called A Look into Haven. I don’t have a date yet but the tape is a totally different vibe from No Regrets. When people talk about “Kev Haven” this upcoming tape will define my sound like Ollieworld did for Butch. And I believe we will have a great Fall season. Android just dropped a dope project. I gotta follow-up harder. Uu [Android No.23] is one of my closest friends and we inspire each other. It’s just us at this point so we gotta keep the music coming.

MV: What inspired the song lyrics?

KH: The song has been in my possession for a while now. I made it a week after I got out of the hospital. I was in a crazy car accident where I could’ve lost my life so that’s how “Limited Time” came into works forreal. Getting hit by a drunk driver ain’t no joke. Also, time waits for no one, so get it while you here [and] go hard while you can. You never know what can happen tomorrow.

MV: How was the process in working with nationally-recognized Baltimore artist Butch Dawson?

KH: I already knew a lot of the people around before I even knew or met him forreal. We met at Murjoni birthday party. We [were] politicking for a bit, then I sent him the song like a couple days after. So yeah, I just sent him the song and he sent it back like “ This shit too fire my guy”. It was a wrap after that. He got on the song, came for the shoot and it was a go. We been cool since then.

MV: As a growing leader in Baltimore’s growing music sphere, what’s your take on the state of the city and its creative progression right now?

KH: It’s heading in the right direction. Everyone is starting to find their sound and everyone is starting to network. It’s nice and encouragingly see how it’s grown and I hope it inspires other indie artist like it inspired me.

You can follow Kev Haven on both IG & Twitter @mskevhaven , and you can also Butch Dawson on IG as @butchdawson and Twitter as @primelard . Stream the new video now and stay tuned for move moves by Baltimore’s finest.


-M. Valentino

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