SOTBMusic: Shokus Apollo and J-Pegs the Legend Give Us Some Cool Sh!t

My Team DAR brothers have been busy, dropping projects at a dizzying pace. Here I am, thinking I’m doing something dropping three projects in a year, and then True drops like 20 projects and Apollo stepped his release schedule up. Add in new members of The Elite, and DAR has flooded the indie market in a Dipset-esque sort of way. It’s a beautiful thing, because each project is different. Today, let’s take a look at Cool Sh!t Vol. 1: Flight of the Concords.

The 15-track project features Apollo and J-Pegs the Legend trading bars with each other, bouncing from topic to topic over a wide variety of instrumentation. We’re taken from late-2000s internet rap beats to high-energy beats to sample-esque production to hazy and slowed beats throughout this album, giving Apollo and Pegs a beautiful landscape to drop their lyrics and topics on. The duo act as a balancing act for each other. Apollo gives the baritone-heavy, smoothed-out flows. Pegs gives us the high-energy bars and punchlines. It’s that constant switch that should keep a listener engaged. We don’t get too much of either artist, which allows each time we hear Apollo float over a beat or Pegs attack the track to sound fresh.

Team DAR has been busy this year, and it’s given listeners a nice look into where the collective, myself included, can and will go in the future. Check it out below (or via this Odesli/ link) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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