A Few Words About Bill Carl Boomer’s Latest

In talking with Bill Carl Boomer about his latest project, FREE SIM RIP MARY, he made sure that I knew one thing. His uncle should be free and that his aunt shall live forever. That’s a simple mindset for a complex artist and an even more complex project. I’ve listened to this one twice just now and I’ve got to write my feelings about it while I’m fresh. Otherwise, I fear I’ll lose the feeling this one gave me.

Over the fourteen tracks of the album, we get a deeper look into the Baltimore alt-trap artist.

For example, on “Canceled/Why?,” he doesn’t tiptoe over the line between trap and alternative R&B. Rather, he obliterates it with a track that’s in your face as an early Gucci song, but as melodic and seeking happiness in a dark world as early Kid Cudi. When he sing-raps, “I don’t want you to die, but I want you to suffer cause I saw you as my brother,” I felt that. Perhaps, I felt it more than I should let on because they say success is the best revenge. But sometimes, you just want to see those who shat on you fail and fail miserably. On “MDMA,” he raps that while he gives women credit for helping make him who he is while in the same breath, showing confliction between wanting to be overly gassed up and just being gassed up in general. On “Pre Havoc,” Bill mixes trap and shrieking rock vocals in a manner that’s as intoxicating as it is abrasive. The only thing about this one is that the beat goes on for a bit after the song ends, possibly to say “hey, this battle’s not over. Even if its initial messengers fade out, there’s still work to do.” It also helps that the beat is hard.

The best thing about the album, for me, is how Bill goes in and out of darkness, like a stealthy assassin. One song, he’ll have dark energies, then the next he’ll come with something like “Zig Zag Wrld 2,” a track that centers around a warped children’s show sample and heavy 808s. The next still, he’ll channel a slightly demented love while also initially disarming the audience with another 90s cartoon interpolation. On one half of the title track, Bill raps his ass off over a soulful chipmunk beat. On the other half, he raps his ass off over dark gospel vibes. In a few words, the man wears quite a few hats here–and wears each one well. As mentioned, the project shows us who Bill Carl Boomer is for those uninitiated. However, even for those who’ve been around for a little while, there are new wrinkles to the man. You may notice that I tagged this one with the “mental health” tag. I think that mental health awareness and discussions come in many forms. Some come in on-the-nose discussions, others come in hip-hop that’s multilayered and doesn’t fit into one set subgenre. Bill Carl Boomer’s latest is the latter.

With all that in mind, check out the project below via Spotify and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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