On the Introspective “Something,” Bobby Thibs Wants to Feel Something Real

Bobby Thibs is an artist who I’ve followed for the last few months. While I don’t always post his songs on SOTB, I give him a listen every time he sends something my way. This one, an introspective look at toxic relationships and patterns called “Something,” grabbed my attention because of the “Beneath the Mask” sample the beat utilizes. Considering I appreciate all things Persona 5-related, I gave this one a fair spin.

The beat isn’t the only thing that’s introspection-friendly. Actually, the whole damn thing speaks on trying to break out of those cycles, even when it’s hard AF. I love the emotions he’s spilling out on this one, because I’ve been in that boat at points in my life. Sometimes, we hide behind masks of apathy because we’re afraid of knowing real love and attention–which brings us back to Persona 5 and the idea of ripping off the proverbial mask we wear to live in our own truths. Sometimes, those truths may be a bit dark, but it’s what we do after we find our truths that makes us who we are. Check out “Something” below and support dope music in all its forms.

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