KUR Advises Contemporaries and Adversaries to “Play It Cool”

KUR’s “Play It Cool” is impressive because the brother manages to rhyme a ton of syllables together within each couplet, while focusing on ending each bar with an “oo” sound.

It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds, mainly because you’ve got to make sure that your lyrics actually make a lick of sense aside from just rhyming for rhyming’s sake. Some folks get caught up in their bars and they forget to actually say something of substance, but KUR doesn’t fall for that trap. The track clocks in at just under two minutes and it wastes no time barring listeners up. It also wastes no time in setting the mood for the track. It’s one of those tracks that is for the rap nerds and the goons. It’s a bit of an odd choice but it’s one that works wonders here on “Play It Cool.” That’s because, well, KUR plays it cool and lets his lyrics do the heavy work. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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