The 10/10 Gravity of My Hero Academia’s Season 6, Cour 2 Opening Episode

As a fan that is currently caught up to the most recent manga chapters, the newest My Hero Academia episode that aired on January 7th 2023 was definitely a hard 10/10. The animanga series focuses around the nuances of a society where a majority of the population has received superpowers (quirks). The Mangaka (Japanese author) of the series, Horikoshi, deserves a lot of the good and bad criticisms he gets about his work, but seeing his work animated drove home the fact that he dynamically articulated the Heroes completely lost, even though they captured a lot of the enemies and accomplished key objectives. Their woes include but are not limited to the following with the results of the Paranormal Liberation Army War that just concluded in the anime.

– Endangering and almost having students killed on the frontlines.

– Unprecedented destruction to public property, cilivian lives lost and countless damaged. 

– Dabi’s international airing out of the country’s current Number 1 Hero’s cycle of abuse + the #2 murdering on screen. 

– Shigaraki and a good portion of the League escaping. 

– Key heroes killed or severely impaired for future active duty.

– Heroes quitting en masses after seeing the hopelessness the job entails.

– Trust of the public going in flames.

– The gravity of All for One saying “From Now On, it will keep being my turn,” knowing what happens in the future events of the manga.

And so much more.

Uraraka’s face looking at the damage coupled with the recap really drove home the gravity of the arc. In accordance with the new opening and outro’s scenes foreshadowing future events from the Manga, Bones is off to a great start with the second cour for Season 6. I’m super excited to see the remaining parts of the anime adaptation for this season, knowing next Season might very well be the last given the current pacing. 


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