Originally published in 2013 and updated 8.8.21 to include SubmitHub instructions

So, I’ve been asked this question a lot.

“Speed, what do you look for from submissions in order to actually post someone’s music?”

Well, for starters, I wouldn’t go about thinking that I’m some great know-it-all who controls 95% of what you read on the internet. I’ve a decent-sized following, a fan base, but I’m not influential to the point I can cram whatever I feel down someone’s throat and they’ll vomit it back to their friends and pass it on. Not only is that crazy…that’s nasty.

Thank you, Cleveland.

Now that the few Speed on the Beat worshippers have gotten a reality check (apparently, they do exist), let’s get into it. If you’ve read my “Dear…” posts, you’ll know that I look for artists who actually have the common decency to introduce themselves before they start shilling their shit in my face. It can be the greatest shit in the world, but if I don’t know you from a hole in the crack of someone’s ass, it’s still shit. And shit, my friends, smells horrible and is usually avoided at all costs. Once you give an introduction and actually engage me in some conversation–versus “hey, Speed, I’m rapper X. I introduced myself, now lissen to dis track, bitch!“–I’ll check out your music.

People who get posted on SpeedontheBeat.com have to meet a few criteria. Now, I’m not like any of the “bigger” blogs, so I’m not going to trip that hard off whether or not the song is properly mixed. Hell, I’ve done several albums with a “no-fi” aesthetic, so we already know that mixing and all that isn’t my biggest problem with music. However, make sure the song is listenable–even if it is “no-fi.” Next, try to surprise me. If the beat starts off like “No Flex Zone,” I’m going to expect “No Flex Zone”-esque music. If you come in on some socioeconomic discussions about the societal hierarchy over some MikeWillMadeIt drums, I’m going to say “holy shitballs, this cat is going on some shit I didn’t expect him to.” And if it’s good? Then, you’ve got my attention.

So, in closing, to get posted on SpeedontheBeat.com as a submission, do the following:

1) Be courteous!
2) Be original, even if you are “run-of-the-mill” in some regard!
3) Be awesome!
4) Be courteous! I say that twice since that’s one of the biggest things which hinders me from posting more of your work. You don’t have to be my best friend, but at least try to talk to me about something other than your music (even after I post your music)
5) Send all inquiries to SpeedontheBeat@gmail.com
6) If email isn’t your thing, you can always submit tracks to me via my SubmitHub.

2 thoughts on “SOTBMusic Submission FAQ

  1. I’ve been reading your album reviews that I found from J-Pegs! I featured on TGFD (Bulletproof Skeleton). I like the way you talk about music. Definitely interesting and I appreciate the unbiased nature of your reviews.

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