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New SOTBMusic: @SherrodMyrion Drops Stay True

I’m getting serious Dungeon Family vibes from this debut single from Valdosta, GA native Sherrod Myrion. The track, featured on Myrion’s upcoming Days of Nostalgia, showcases a young talent who seems wise beyond his years. The 22-year-old artist speaks on some topics that aren’t really delved into by as many younger artists and I’m here […]

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New SOTBMusic: @1Future – FUTURE

I think True put it best… Word to the Dungeon Family. Future albums/tapes always seemed like the trap side of the Dungeon. That Backbone, T-Mo Goodie vibe — True God® (DAR) (@TrueGodImmortal) February 17, 2017 The album FUTURE is amazeballs if you’re looking for that sort of vibe. If you’re not, you’ll be disappointed. But, for […]

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