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The Mangaka That Will Pierce the Heavens! Meet HBCU Grad-DMV Native AnimeBae and the Black-Owned Manga/Anime, "Akai"

  Original character design from AnimeBae’s manga/anime called Akai. *cue iconic opening song and narrator voice* This isn’t the story of how AnimeBae became the greatest hero alive, but this unlikely hero of Academia and undaunted determination has an enthralling story on the same scaling of your favorite manga/anime as he creates one of the […]

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SOTBNerdy: Shaman King

Back during the end of my middle school years, I started getting more into anime and manga. Granted, I always had anime fascinations; Dragon Ball Z‘s Ocean Dub, along with stuff like Pokemon and Gundam Wing kept me enthralled with their stories. However, it wasn’t until I hit puberty that my, to borrow a term from Bennett […]

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