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Dann Dib and r.em.edy Present “Just Incase”

Straight up, I really like this one because it really reminds me of a Mac Miller song.

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SOTBNerdy: Why Darkwing Duck Deserves More Shine

On its surface, Darkwing Duck looks and feels like nothing more than a parody of Batman—except with a suburban Joe Everyman (Everyduck?) running amok and stopping villainous fiends from taking over the city of St. Canard. First of all, if you think that, you’re wrong. It’s more of a parody of The Shadow than just […]

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New SOTBMusic: @TTMDRE – The Black Hole Theory

Click the album cover to view the project over on SoundCloud Philly-born artist DRE! gives us a combination of politically (and socially) charged bars and smoothed-out flows on this project. From the first song throughout the album, DRE! gives us a view into a desolate society that seems destined to damn those who seem “different” […]

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