I Hate (Some) Conscious Rap (Fans)

Like what you like. Just don’t crap on other people because they don’t like it, too.

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@TrueGodImmortal talks Jesse Williams, Justin Timberlake and Blackness guest contributor True God shares his thoughts about the Jesse Williams speech at this year’s BET Awards, the fallout from it, the fallout from Justin Timberlake’s retort/approval of the message, and more in this Op-Ed. The thoughts expressed do not necessarily represent the views of ┬áSpeed on the Beat or However, I damn […]

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Dear Dwayne Haskins…

Dear Dwayne Haskins, My name is Johnthan. People call me Speed on the Beat, as I used to rap and make instrumentals. That’s not really the point of this letter. I don’t know you and I’m probably close to a decade older than you. However, I implore you to just pick a side and just […]

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