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New SOTBMusic: @Kelechief Takes Us Through His QLC Through Evolving Playlist

I gave you both streaming options because I’m that supportive of this idea. Kelechi has constantly been improving his bars and his approach to the game. This QLC playlist/album/experience is the culmination of his evolution. As someone who’s gone through a quarter-life crisis, I can attest that this album speaks volumes to that sort of thing. […]

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New SOTBMusic: @Kelechief Introduces Us to His QLC Through "Flowers"

As someone who went through the quarter-life crisis (it’s documented well in my music), I’m here for anyone who’s expressing their own doubts and insecurities about that awkward phase through music. Atlanta’s Kelechi is doing just that with “Flowers,” the intro to his upcoming QLC project. Through some lush harmonies and philosophizing, Kelechi encapsulates the fears […]

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