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New SOTBMusic: True God Delivers a Rap City Medley

In the 1990s and 2000s, not many shows were as influential on hip-hop as BET’s Rap City. True God, on his latest EP, pays homage to various legends from the series and the timeline as well, from Timbaland to The Neptures to G-Unit. Taking instrumentals that feel right out of the eras they’re paying homage […]

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Q&A with Schama Noel

You’ve probably seen this guy around the interwebs, making noise through his emulated bars. Schama Noel is a Florida-based artist who rose to prominence among the rap community through his ability to “rap like” pretty much every artist out. Now, a few months removed from his latest release, the Eternal FeelsĀ EP, I got to catch […]

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