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SOTBSports: A Small Dose of Oriole Magic

Is it safe to enjoy Orioles baseball yet? That’s a question I’ve asked myself this season. While the 2019 season has had its share of head-scratching moments—the botched double play against Cleveland comes to mind— the team has played with an energy they didn’t have last season. Don’t get me wrong: I miss Cap10 and […]

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PA Vol. 40: The Lego Theory and More (Part One)

For our fortieth PA (and we never would’ve made it without you), Drizzle and Speed are joined by Xav and Jimbo Slice (for a bit) and Speed takes a backseat to transcribe and record the conversation. Oh, don’t worry, though. Speed gets his words in. But, the PAs figured they’d do something a bit different […]

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