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SOTBMusic: HS Interviews Speed on the Beat

As with my interview with Drizzle Sez almost two years ago, I decided to turn the mic back on myself for a bit. Sure, I can write about these things. However, there’s a better way than just hearing me play judge, jury, and executioner on what’s said/what’s brought up. I asked True God and Shokus […]

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A SOTB!!! Q&A with Sexy Sapphire

At, I strive to highlight individuals who are doing the damn thing in ways that aren’t as conventional–but still get the job done. Today, I had the honor of setting up an interview with a budding adult performer based in my own backyard of Baltimore. Her name is Sexy Sapphire and don’t let the […]

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Uncategorized Music Roundtable: Volume One, Part 2

On Friday, featured part one of our first Music Roundtable. This discussion focused on the writers and curators themselves, with a few tips about the business (especially with regards to submissions and approaching people who could “put you on”). If you haven’t checked it out, please do so post-haste (here’s the link again). Today, […]

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Uncategorized Music Roundtable: Volume One, Part One

In late 2014, I came to the realization that, while helpful, my “Dear Rap [People]” posts were limiting (mainly because it was only my¬†thoughts/opinions/truths). So, I reached out to cook up something awesome. I hope to have/”host” more roundtables to help educate people on how to approach writers, music, A&R’s and so on. Also, I […]

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