#RR One Year Edition – May 28, 2013.

Alright, alright, time to take a break from reviews to remind you all that I do also perform music and the like.

One Year Later Edition Dropping 5/28 online

So, about a year ago, I embarked on the release of my first full-length album #RAQUEL R3: Lo@Ded (The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male). The album, the first of a three-part trilogy called the “Songs For Saga,” dealt with the demise and disintegration of my relationship with my, at the time, fiancee and my “devolution” as a man (i.e, going out, drinking, calling the mother of my child foul names, emotional cheating, etc.). By the end of the album, I decided to end that side of me.

I killed my “self,” to, on the upcoming Songs For (which drops 8/17/13), try to rebuild myself.

Since the release of that first no-fi album, I started to go back and tinker with it. Why? Well, as much as I loved it, I feel that it was bloated. Too much focus was placed on somewhat non-factors (ex. “Heartbreaker,” a song that has since been removed from all pressings of #RR, goes on for four minutes about a young woman who I, in some ways, emotionally cheated with and places a majority of the blame on her for my issues). There were several filler songs that have no real place on the album. All in all, it was a choppy album with good intentions.

So, I’m rereleasing it as a free mixtape, both as a way to introduce those that have heard “Kings” and other “Songs For” songs and wonder where Part One of the trilogy is and as a way to amend the story to make it more coherent.

And, yes. It will feature less Watch the Throne-like cover art.

#RR: One Year Later Edition drops 5/28/13. Yes, that’s in a week.

Speed on the Beat

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