MGK feat Pusha T and Meek Mill – "Peso"

H/T to @DDotOmen for the link.

So, MGK pulls a J. Cole-esque flow out of nowhere, teams up with Pusha (solid as always) and Milly (who delivers a bit cliched verse on this one) and turns a very familiar Aloe Blacc track on its head for a track that could very well be a mainstream-heavy anthem for the summer.

The beat itself reminds me a lot of Rozay’s pre-Molly anthem “Push It” in terms of its build-up and presentation. Lyrically, it’s nothing too extravagant  but still manages to keep you listening. All in all, it’s a decent track that could get a lot of play somewhere. I’m not really sure if MGK is banned from the radio in the DMV, but I’ve yet to hear anything from him on DMV radio. At all. I’ve heard interviews from him, but no actual music. Now, I’m not a MGK fan or anything, but I just find it a bit odd. #MustBeIlluminati or something.

Speed on the Beat

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