An Interview with Raven Felix

I’m back at it (interviews, that is)

Our first non-True God interviewee in a while is a 17-year-old female artist that’s making a few waves online, Raven Felix. I found out about her through, funnily enough, a sponsored tweet. Me, being the asshole I am, I jokingly tweeted “IDK who @RavenFelix is, but I don’t wanna waste a tweet to promote her music.” Then, I actually checked out her song–“Work Drink Fuck Sleep”–and was pleasantly surprised at how, well, un-garbage her shit was. It’s a fun track that seems like what’d happen if you mixed “The Lazy Song” with “Hate Being Sober” and added in a bit of Nicki Minaj and Kitty in for good measure. And, that’s how we got to where we are today. But, enough about my history. Let’s get into the interview.

@SpeedontheBeat: Who are you and where are you from?
Raven Felix: [I am] Raven Felix, from the San Fernando Valley in Cali.
SOTB: What started you on the path to rapping?
RF: I always wrote music, and wrote short stories and just really immersed myself in literature and music at a young age, rapping was always a thing I kept on the back burner of my mind since my beginning years in high school because I was very strictly into old school punk music and alternative music, I was, like, 13 when I discovered Nicki Minaj and my whole world changed which lead me to other female rappers and for a brief time in 9th grade I went hard writing raps and dreaming but I quickly discounted the dream, but stayed writing and it wasn’t until early last year that I decided to really pursue it and just see what happens.
SOTB: Who are some of your influences?
RF: MC Lyte, Black Flag, Henry Rollins, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Kiedis, Eazy E, Bradley Nowell, Trina, The Beastie Boys, all the hair metal 80’s bands my mom had me listening to growing up.
SOTB: What is the story behind “Work Drink Fuck Sleep?” 
RF: I wanted to create something that people could relate to because I knew I could relate to it. I think a majority of people my age or close to my age are doing that almost exact routine and it’s something I know and understand, and I would never come on a record and talk about shit I don’t know about. But it’s definitely something fun and something a little bit more lighthearted and that’s a good thing. I work a normal job as a bagger at a grocery store, and I drink, I have sex, and I sleep and repeat it all over again and a lot of people understand that and live that so I wanted to make that for them.
SOTB: There has been a bit of a backlash on YouTube and Soundcloud from what I’ve seen to “WDFS.” Why do you think that’s the case and what do you want to say to those that blatantly spew hate for no real reason?
Honestly, I think any person who comes out with any original song is gonna receive some back lash, I can never ask for everybody to like my music and I don’t care to because it’s just natural. The backlash I have received is extremely minimal compared to love, for sure. Obviously people feel a certain way because I’m new, I’m a female, and it’s my very first song. A lot of people have issues with me blatantly talking about sex, but that’s just who I am and I won’t filter that for anyone. I learned at a very young age that I can’t make everyone happy, I could try and fail all I wanted but in the end it does not benefit me so I just make what I love. Having DJ Clockwork reach out and start working and other people just showing it love on Twitter and stuff is just amazing. But, as far as saying something to people that spew hate for no real reason, I just would say that I respect their opinion as they are entitled to it. But, if they aren’t fucking with me on some positive shit, then they can fuck off. 
SOTB: Are there any things you want to improve on musically?
RF: Tons of things. I think a part of being an artist is constantly working and improving, which I am doing everyday and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.
SOTB: If you were offered your dream contract with a label, what label would it be with and why?
RF: I really can’t say just ’cause it’s something that is sooo far from my mind right now. I just want to make music that people like and can relate to, and if something happens with a label, then that’s amazing. But, it’s not something I’m focused on.
SOTB: Staying in this vein, who are your top three dream producers and featured artists?
RF: Featured artists would be Iggy Azalea, Ludacris, A$AP Ferg
SOTB: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
RF: Just making more music and growing as an artist, hopefully buying my mom a house.
SOTB: Where can people reach you (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)?
RF: My Twitter is @RavenFelix and my Instagram is ravedaqu33n
SOTB: Any parting words? Should we be looking out for a mixtape/album/follow-up track soon?

RF: Definitely be on the lookout for a follow up track!! 
And here is the video for “WDFS”
Speed on the Beat

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