TravisTravy B – Shock the World

Now, a couple months ago, I featured a kid named Travis on this blog. Oddly, he’s deleted the video I featured. Anyway, his recently released mixtape Shock the World features a new name and a new aggression on the beat (a callback to him getting into “serious mode,” as mentioned). Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, his aggression causes him to spit too many syllables in a bar and go completely off-the-rail in terms of staying on beat. Sometimes, even with the aggression, I’m still lulled into a state where I’m just going along to the song because the beat pulled me in. Those points are the most dangerous, because that’s where the tape falls apart.

The track “Let’s Get It” is an example of this. Beat-wise, it’s your typical hood-meets-stripper-music track, but one thing happens. Travy B allows the beat to overpowers him, and he comes off as unsure and nervous. Essentially, the beat, while somewhat standard, it gets you listening and you completely forget that someone’s rapping on it, to a degree.

Travy B has potential (he’s got an ear for what he wants to talk about, and how he’s going to approach it), but he’s got to work on his flow and his confidence level. I say that because I’ve had similar instances of self-doubt in my lyrics. It makes it seem that you’re uncomfortable with what you’re saying. And, if you don’t sound comfortable, how can we, as listeners, trust you–or even rock with you the way that you want us to.

Speed on the Beat

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