@DKakaWayneWatts – "Soon As We Get Up"

You know that when I get a track from one of my musical brothers from another, I always contemplate just dropping it and spamming the world with tweets about it. I’ve done it with True and a slew of other artists that I rock with on a personal level. This time was no different, although I actually opened the email a bit late (went to my personal email, not the SOTB one). Anyhow, DK aka Wayne Watts’s new single “Soon As We Get Up” from The Windows Theory just hit iTunes and, objectively speaking, it goes. Believe me, I’d tell you all if it didn’t.

It’s a simple premise–it’s of the”guy sees girl in club/party, guy wants girl and gets girl, then guy talks about how he’s going to give her the bizness as they’re leaving the club” variety–but the execution is top-notch. I mean, any song where you have the artist singing some John Legend-esque lines while dropping some (good) Drake-esque “get over here, girl” bars, I say you’ve got a winner. It’s a smooth track, easily suited for a soundtrack (obviously, I envision a party scene). Furthermore, the production, helmed by Payton “Hatz” Mitchell, while minimalist, allows room for DK to breathe–and that’s something that I enjoy on an R&B/Rap fusion track. Too many of them get too overproduced and/or over-emotive (case in point, “Who Do We Think We Are,” and I actually rock with that song heavily).

Check the track out above and #SupportIndieArtists by copping a copy of the single and the album when it drops on iTunes.

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