New Year, New Music

Gooooooood morning, Vietnam Interwebs and Mobile Device Users.

It is I, your vertically-challenged “No-Fi” King Speed on the Beat back with a couple new tracks for the 2014.

The first track is from DMV artist Wallstreet, “Gettin’ It.” It reminds me of a mix between Roscoe Dash and that Chiraq-like vibe that’s come popular in the past couple years. I don’t really get why homeboy’s in his boxers on the single cover, but the music is cool and makes me wanna roll up (if I did that sort of thing, of course). As a bonus, check out a freestyle he did with another artist, City, over the “Kingdom Come” instrumental. Stop complaining, people. I just gave you something for the “mainstream” and the more “purist”-types from an artist. And I did it without comparing him to a movie or something…even though the song does beast.


The next track is from someone who’s become something of a mainstay, Raven Felix. “Girl” is infectious as hell and shows a lot of growth from even just her “Work Drink F*** Sleep” days of early ’13. The video itself comes off as more authentic than a lot of “young party rap” videos and, thankfully, doesn’t show any Miley-like pandering. She keeps it real. Just read the interview.

Lastly, let’s take a trip to Toronto for my take on this damned, overhyped-ass Drake track from the last day of 2013. While he constantly reminds us that “this is not a love song,” in “Trophies,” we’re also reminded that Drake has lost some of his actual…rap edge. Call me a hipster if you want, but look at Comeback Season, So Far Gone–hell, even parts of Take Care and NWTS, then look at this. It’s as if the more hood/trap Drake attempts to sound/be, the worse his lyrics, flow, delivery, etc. become. The Hit-Boy production…ahem, hits like you’d expect, and has spawned thousands of horrid remixes of the song from artists ranging from Migos (who kind of stole the song) to your random Soundcloud rapper. But, it still feels like something is missing from this song overall. Eh. At least he’s not doing the (so-called for those that are late)* “Migos Flow” again, like on “We Made It.”

*The so-called Migos Flow has been around for years. Hell, it has Crime Mob written on it, who have Three 6 written on them–you see where I’m going with this. That flow ain’t new. If anything, it’s probably one of the older flows, but because people keep “reinventing”/re-purposing it, everyone starts to hop onto it and dickride it.

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