Kurt Cobain Suicide Note Tees?!

Or “What’s Next, An Amy Winehouse Autopsy Photo Hoodie?”

My goodness…even in death, some people want to take you for everything you’re worth–and then some. In case you haven’t heard, online retailers via Etsy and eBay, are selling tees and tanktops with Cobain’s 1994 suicide note. No, I will not post a picture of it. For one, why would anyone really want to wear someone’s final words on them? For two, I’m sure Kurt’s rolling in his grave over the mass consumerist icon/symbol of “manufactured” rebellion that he and Nirvana have become/been made into over the years (and yes, I’m guilty of it too. I mean, I had a Nirvana tee or two). Three, just…no.

What do I know, though? I used to be one of the guys who liked all of Nirvana’s pretty songs and liked to sing along and…well, you get where I’m going. But at least I finally got it and what Nirvana and Kurt Cobain were trying to get at through the music, unlike the “note tee” manufacturers. I get that, hey, money is important and Cobain makes money. But, this really is a low that I didn’t think we’d get to. But, then again, when we had a Tupac hologram, I guess all bets were off. Anyway, just enjoy the music. Support the artists. Just…don’t go off and buy tees with an artist’s suicide note. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to own the suicide note, regardless of the money it could be worth to someone. Some things should just, oh, I don’t know, remain “sacred.”

Speed on the Beat

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