An SOTB!!! Q&A with @TooMuchCharlie (f/k/a Charlie the Coldest)

A couple weeks back, I went to Looney’s Pub in College Park to a performance by local artists for charity, on a tip from Brain Rapp. Upon sitting down, photobombing Brain, and chatting it up with the audience, I heard a young man get on the stage. Full of energy, but still humble, this young man with an infectious ad-lib introduced himself as “Charlie,” then proceeded to tear the house down for ten minutes. Post-performance, I sought him out to set up an interview. The following is the Q&A/interview that resulted.

SOTB!!!: For those who have not heard of you, who are you and why should people pay attention?

Charlie: I’m Charlie The Coldest, a/k/a Charlie Too Much Style a/k/a “I hope that nigga makes it, he’s ill as shit” (laughs). But seriously, I’m a young artist to wants to make dope shit, make an impact on those who enjoy my work, and talk hella shit. People should want to hear what that sounds like and I hope they do.

SOTB!!!: Where are you from originally?

CTC: I was born in Philly, raised in Yardley [a suburb of Philadelphia], and moved to PG County in ’05.

SOTB!!!: So, if you had to describe your sound to someone, how would you?

CTC: Andre times Kanye times Will Smith times Cudi times…endless possibilities.

SOTB!!!: I mentioned in the intro your ad-lib (heard several times in “So What,” below). What’s the story behind it?

CTC: (Laughs) It happened so naturally, I did it one because I said some cold ass shit and it felt right, like “that’s me.” It’s weird, so I just took a shot, and ran with it.

SOTB!!!: How long have you been at music and who’s influenced you?

CTC: I’ve been doing music going on eight years now. My biggest influences are OutKast, Kanye, Ludacris, Blu, Curren$y–man, so many.

SOTB!!!: In talking, you made mention of some of your music not being released–or not on, like, iTunes anymore. Without getting into unnecessary strife, can you explain a little bit about how that came to be? 

CTC: Man, me and Conscious Clay, who is my close friend, had a group Bass.Love.Treble. Think if Jay and Pharrell had a duo. We made great shit but there are factors outside of music…which led to us splitting. We still have an album that we will be putting out. But, there is so much music that may just evaporate.

SOTB!!!: So since then, how’ve you been getting the music out to people? I mean, you’re an artist I feel definitely needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

CTC: I’m still trying to find that out, I’m not one of those niggas who just gets it right the first time, I’m going through trial and error until I find what works for me.

SOTB!!!: True. Now, you spat something for me at Looney’s that I haven’t let the timeline see. Can you give me a bit of back story behind that track? 

CTC: That’s a record I’ve just recently recorded but its a very important record to me, one that is more personal than product, it just translated really well into a song. That’s all I’ll speak on that. But, I think that song will be one of my best I ever make.

SOTB!!!: Do you see yourself as a role model?

CTC: Yeah, to my fiance, daughter, family, listeners. Fuck all these niggas in music talking about being that or not being that [just] because you’re an artist. You are [a role model] because you’re a person. Someone is watching, analyzing and adapting what exhaust to their life.

SOTB!!!: Are you involved in any other efforts, such as, like, a WillRap4Food or any other nonprofit organization(s)?

CTC: I definitely want to be, but I have so much work to do before I can do what I’m looking forward to doing.

SOTB!!!: Outside of music, where do you find yourself?

CTC: I’m in a place of growth and transition. I’m getting married next year, I have a stepdaughter now, I’m trying to be a rapper and handle my business and grow closer to God. Some people have alot on their mind outside of their career, I’m just trying to survive.

SOTB!!!: Where do you see yourself in five years?

CTC: Shittin’ on niggas (laughs). I mean, I see myself making great music with a fanbase who loves what I do, enough money to do it as well as offer help to family who needs it. But…definitely shitting on niggas.

SOTB!!!: What are some of your thoughts on our area’s music scene? Is it as familial as it should/could be or do you kind of see some room for growth?

CTC: DMV has the best scene coming up since Chicago. [You’ve got artists including] Jay IDK, Hippie Gang (not to be confused with HLK), Goldlink, Kel Extraordinaire, and The Coldest Nigga here in the flesh. Oooooh, we got this shit.

SOTB!!!: What would you tell other artists who are trying yo, like you and I, network and just do what we do?

CTC: Man…stay positive and honest and focused. Things are pulled your way.

SOTB!!!: Where can people reach you?

CTC: @BassLoveCharles on Twitter and @CharlieTheColdest on IG

SOTB!!!: Got any last thoughts, shout outs, or whatever?

This is Charlie the Coldest a/k/a Charlie Too Much Style a/k/a I know I rap good, look good, it’s no longer flattering–ooooooh. Look out for me and this cold-ass flow. Peace Love.

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Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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