On Interracial Dating: The Addendum (AKA The Mandingo Complex)

Inspired by the thoughts of my brothers and sisters over at DefineARevolution.com (go check that out by the way), I’ve been a bit motivated to provide an addendum to my thoughts on the subject. While I am a proponent of interracial dating and say that love is love, there is one thing about dating and talking to a woman of a different “race” than me (and sometimes within the same “race,” but we’re talking about IR relations here) that I’ve found to be both annoying and embarrassing.
There’s always the conversation about penis size.
Now, let’s get things clear. I’m not walking around with a friggin’ baseball bat between my legs, even though I sling a pretty decent amount of wood. However, when it gets to the point of sex or sexually-charged conversation (typically sexts), most women freak out at the size of my penis. When I was younger, I was on my J. Cole shit, like “yeah, she thinks it’s big enough to fuck with.” It was an ego boost to have sex or show a woman your penis (should she ask to see via text or what have you) and she’s talking about how big it is, etc. As I got older, however, the “OMFG ur cock is huge” comments got old and annoying. Like, c’mon, we’re in our 20s and you’re still hung up on penis size?
What happened to that saying “it ain’t how big it is, it’s what you do with it?” Oh, right, it seems that we’ve kind of oversexualized black men. We meaning black men and others outside of the “confines” of black men. That’s always been a thing, the strong Mandingo ready to swoop in, “steal” all the white wimenz and show them what a real nigga like (no Plies). The Mandingo then impregnates one of the white women, and you end up with the best of both worlds, since the kid’s strong like “a black,” but fair enough to pass for “a white.” Yay slavery, right?
But, I’m not going to get too much into that. Not today, at least. I’ve spoken on the injustices and racial bullshit of our society enough recently. I’ll get back into my own experiences, though.
White women especially are guilty, in my dealings, of going on and on about a big black cock. I apologize if that comes off as “racist,” but it’s true. Just about every white woman I’ve been with, they’ve freaked out when I’ve pulled it out of my pants. You know the look, for instance, Flower Tucci, fakes every time she sees a black guy’s trouser snake? That’s the same shit that I get. It’s annoying and is truthfully a turn-off. Like, c’mon! It’s just a penis; nothing to be scared of. 
The first white girls I got with, as I mentioned a while ago, took every stereotype you could think of about people not used to that sort of thing and ran with it. Thrice over. For a while, I stopped messing around with white women and others who were not black. Why? It was simply because I didn’t want to deal with the comments, the feigning, the biting-off-more-they-can-chew-because-they-have-daddy-issues-and-their-fathers-were-racists-so-they-try-to-ghetto-gag-my-peen-and-fail-miserably scenarios. 
And even though I still deal with it, I came to accept something: it’s all, sadly, part of the game. Some women don’t get big(ger than average) dick. Some women don’t get good dick. Some men don’t get good pussy. So, when we, as humans, get a piece of ass that’s halfway decent, sometimes we go crazy over it. So, ladies–especially the ones I’ve been with who are on this sort of thing–I get it. I really do.
I said I wouldn’t get too much into the “racial” side of things, but to fully get this out there, you kind of have to, it seems.
Speed on the Beat

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