An SOTB!!! Interview with Aurora Jolie

So, I found Aurora Jolie and got her to do an interview for me. This is an interview I’ve been working on for a while. It’s also one that I’ve wanted to do since my eyes first came across the aspiring artist, singer, and adult film legend. However, unlike many interviews with Ms. Jolie, I decided to go a different route. Instead of focusing on porn and the like, we discuss music, the (failed/failing) war on drugs and–as the tagline goes–get to know the person, not the persona. So, without further ado.

Speed: Compared to some adult models, stars and the like—past, present, and otherwise—you keep a bit of a low-key persona on social media outlets and other venues. So, I’ve first and foremost got to say “thank you” for granting me this interview. Do you still get people stopping you and saying, like I and my contributor DrizzleSez have and are, that they still have, like crushes on you? And, if so, how do you deal with that?
Aurora Jolie: Guys tend to be more subtle, in general–unless it’s a group of them. It also depends on the setting. I do get followed at the grocery store and other places. I’ve had couple come up to me and thank me for “helping their sex lives.” I don’t know what that means…but I’ll take it.
Speed: (Laughs) Ok, I’ve got to ask, so apologies in advance: what was your favorite scene to do? If you’d rather not get into that, completely understandable and we’ll move on accordingly.
Aurora: My favorite scenes are the ones I filmed with Robby D. and Jules Jordan. I am very much interested in working with the best directors.
Speed: I remember you had a lot of instrumentals and mixes on, I believe, Soundcloud, some time ago. Do you still make these mixes?
Aurora: I don’t have a Soundcloud. But, I am very much interested in singing and making music. I’d love to do vocals on some hip hop tracks…
Speed: Well, I’ll definitely keep that in mind, since I also do music—shameless plug. But, a while back, I noticed you had some YouTube videos up where you were playing guitar. Can you tell me a bit about how you came to play? Was it something you picked up on your downtime or has it been a hobby/passion through the years?
Aurora: I started playing electric guitar at 15 it was a gift for my birthday. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever received. I taught myself to play as a teenager and how to read write and play music.
Speed: Who are some of the artists you’ve modelled your style after?
Aurora: I don’t really model my style after anyone. All my guitar heroes are men so it’s difficult to emulate anyone really.
Speed: If you had to make a guitarist Mt. Rushmore, who’d make your list? I assume you’re about to bust out some names some may not be familiar with.
Aurora: My Mt Rushmore (laughs) consists of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, and Dimebag.
Speed: What about overall, guitarist or otherwise?
Aurora: My favorite guitarist ever is Dimebag from Pantera.

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Speed: May he rest in peace. On that note, what are some of your favorite genres to listen and just chill out to after a stressful day? And why?
Aurora: My fave music to chill to is New Jack Swing. It just reminds me of being a baby, it’s like comfort food for me. I also love the style and sound. Did you know, in the early ‘80s, R&B never mixed with rap because they were still like two different genres? New Jack Swing, in the late 80s, changed that!

Speed: Do you feel music can speak for someone, or showcase the voice of a generation?
Aurora: Music can definitely help people whose voices aren’t being heard. Think about the ‘60s. The music of that era supported the civil rights and anti-war movements.
Speed: True. Similarly, you and I are within a similar age group, the “millennial generation.” Do you have any opinions on older generations disregarding the under 35 crowd, especially our musical tastes?
Aurora: I may be a “millennial,” but I always listened to music that’s so old, my aunts and uncles don’t even like it so I don’t really care what the older generation thinks. I have great music taste.
Speed: Cut from a similar cloth (laughs). On that same token, do you find a lot of today’s music underwhelming?
Aurora: I find today’s music to be material-based, not message based. There’s always the underground. But, I think there should be more substance in the mainstream like there was in the ‘70s, ’80s, and ‘90s…
Speed: Should marijuana be legalized in the entire U.S.? Personally, I say yes, since people don’t just up and die or go ballistic from some weed. But, that’s just me.
Aurora: Yes weed should be legal. It’s a plant, just like any other plant, that grows naturally.
Speed: So, what do you think on the so-called “anti-drug culture?”
Aurora: The anti-drug culture is an excuse to keep minorities in prison on drug charges. There are more people in prison in this country on drug charges than any other offense. There was a spike in the amount of black men arrested in the ‘80s once Reagan introduced the crack epidemic to America with help from the “[See I Ay].” This has wiped out generations of black men, keeping them in slavery to this very day. It’s disgusting. So, I am fully against the war on drugs for these purposes.
Speed: Agreed. I don’t think there’ll ever really be a legit conversation between the groups in this fight until the anti-drug guys are able to admit their flaws. But, switching gears to keep things somewhat light, are you much of a television/movie watcher? And if so, what are you currently tuned in to?
Aurora: I watch real mystery shows like unsolved mysteries etc. But, lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, especially Bojack Horseman!!!
Speed: That is a pretty legit show. So, what are your thoughts on the Straight Outta Compton movie, either in its preview form or its final one?
Aurora: My thoughts on the S.O.Cfilm is that it is a Hollywood movie. So, they will definitely be leaving out the most gutter shit that happened in NWA.

Speed: Oh, of course. I’ve already heard about Ren’s strife with the film and the fact that it deals with Cube, Dre, and Eazy—among other things.
Aurora: That being said, I think it’s incredible that some kids from Compton could change the world in a great way like that. So, I will be seeing it :).
Speed: Speaking of music biographies, what’s the best you’ve seen?
Aurora: BEST MUSIC BIO? CRAZYSEXYCOOL[the TLC biopic]. OMG yes! I watch it all the time. It is so life-like, it’s great!
Speed: Since you do keep a low-key persona, what’s your protocol on fans of your past work—or fans of your musical stylings—chatting it up with you?
Aurora: I don’t mind people talking to me about porn. I’ve gotta live with that every day. All I can say is there is a time and a place when it’s cool to approach me on that respectfully.
Speed: True. Do you have any final thoughts you want to share?
Aurora: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me x0x0. If you want to talk to me online, my profile is @AuroraMoonBeamon Twitter. That is the only place to find me. Thanks y’all ❤
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