Should We Be Worried: Three Thoughts on The Terps Pre-South Florida

Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports/Testudo Times

Ok, Terps fans, after last week’s…insanity, I’m back with some thoughts about the Terps’ upcoming game against the South Florida Bulls. Hopefully, Terps Nation doesn’t let their guard down this week, or things will get out of hand fast. Unlike Bowling Green’s lightning-fast offense, South Florida’s strength comes in its somewhat unconventional, but incredibly aggressive defense. Yes, their quarterback, Quinton Flowers, is also an option runner and loves to throw on the run, but the Bulls’ strength is its defense. So, what are three things Terps fans should look out for in Week Three? Let’s break ’em down.

  1. Caleb Rowe takes the reins again — Caleb Rowe, in small samplings, has excelled. Yes, he had a rough game against Bowling Green. But, everyone had a rough game against Bowling Green. I’m honestly not sold on Rowe as the starter for the rest of the season, though, especially with the two picks he threw last week. However, he’s a guy who’ll breathe some fresh air into a stagnating Maryland offense, even if he shouldn’t just hurl the ball downfield any chance he gets.
  2. The run game needs to return — If the Terps want to win this week, they’ve got to restart their run game. Will Likely can’t play every position and QB is still somewhat in an “eh…” state, in terms of consistency. They’ve got to establish a run game often and early, opening up the defense for passes.
  3. Stop the options — The Terps’ defense has got to put a stop to the option run and the play action pass. One of the reasons they got outplayed last week was their inability to do so. If they’re able to say to the opposing team “hey, stop the running” and do a Mutumbo after a play, all hope isn’t lost for this Maryland team. If they can’t, though? Well, there’s always next year and at least basketball season’s coming up soon.
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