@TooMuchCharlie x @Jay_IDK – "Can’t Find My Keys"

A couple weeks back, I mentioned a new track from SpeedontheBeat.com alum Charlie Too Much (f/k/a Charlie the Coldest) on my Twitter feed. The track in question was finally released for all ears today as Charlie and Jay IDK can’t find their keys after a wild night. Blending Jay’s subtrap sound with Charlie’s flows makes for a lyrical match made in hookah-and-booze-fueled heaven, if you’ll pardon the cliche. Add in production by Nature Boi, and you’ve got a trinity of atmospheric vibes (it also sounds like Nature sampled a G.I. Joe or Gundam laser blast in there somewhere) that sounds like what you’d get if Kendrick and D.R.A.M. got together on a track. But, don’t take my word for it. Check out the new track above and be sure to support independent music. 
For more on Charlie, check out my interview with him from earlier this year.
For more on Jay IDK, check out my interview with Jay from last year, prior to the completion of Subtrap.
And for more info on Nature Boi, check out my interview with him for Bandwidth.
Speed on the Beat

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