Should We Be Worried: Maryland Homecoming Edition

On the eve of the University of Maryland’s Homecoming, I’ve got good news and bad news.

Image Credit: University of Maryland, College Park

The good news is this: college basketball season is (almost) upon us. Tonight, the Terps square off against the Southern New Hampshire Penmen in what’s bound to be to a laugher of an exhibition game. I think the question will be if Maryland, ranked #3 in the country, eclipses 100 points or not. My money’s on the Terps cracking the century mark tonight. Melo Trimble, anybody? The secret’s out; he can ball so hard.

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

This, of course, brings me to the bad news. We’ve still got a few more games to suffer through with regards to the 2015 Terps Football season.

It was all good about three months ago (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

The Terps, at 2-6, are pretty much out of the picture for any postseason game. At least, however, there are small glimmers of hope in the way that Mike Locksley’s handled things thus far headed into tomorrow 3:30 Homecoming Game versus the 7-2 Wisconsin Badgers.

One, the two games Locksley’s coached–while still losses–were a lot closer than people gave Maryland credit for coming into them. For instance, the Penn State game could’ve ended up in Maryland’s favor. In other words, he’s no Randy Edsall. Sorry, Randy.

Two, Melvin Gordon’s not on the Badgers team Locksley’s Lads face tomorrow (so there’s a smaller chance of it being a 52-7 rout again this year–sort of, but I’ll get to that). This means that their running game isn’t as eye-poppingly explosive this time around. And three, Trevon Diggs–Stefon’s baby brother–could still end up high-fiving Testudo after touchdown catches next season.

That’s…about it for positives for tomorrow.

The Terps are, to put it nicely, not so good at scoring within their opponents’ side of the field. They’re not all that great with regards to defending the pass (they’re not completely horrible. But they’re, in no way, good either) or the run (hi Bowling Green). And they’re all but overmatched against Wisconsin. Even if Wisconsin hasn’t been as great as advertised/as great as they are on paper, they’re still playing at a level that surpasses the Terps’ play. Yes, they’re only a two-touchdown favorite AT MARYLAND, but let’s be real! Maryland has lost to Bowling Green this year, at home, and almost threw the game away versus South Florida.

Could there be an upset? Oh, hell, yeah. Will there be an upset? Probably not.

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