Underrated: Bizzy Bone (@ThisisBizzyBone)

By Ax (@BigBallinAXEL)

Ed. Note: As part of DefineaRevolution.com’s Midwest Week, Team DAR member Axel submitted the following post to me through True God. As Bizzy Bone is one of my personal favorite artists, I just had to post it.

Even though he was part of one of the most successful groups in hip-hop history, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Bizzy Bone doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Solo-w. But, he’s dropped multiple songs with substance and is a better lyricist than given credit for. Here I’ll highlight some of the underrated gems Bizzy Bone has dropped in his solo career. Heaven’z Movie, which dropped in 1998, going platinum despite being an unfinished project is a testament to how unique of an artist Bizzy Bone is. The Gift, the follow-up project to Heaven’z Movie, went gold with no features and was independent which is an impressive feat as well. Bizzy Bone has a myriad of styles mixing harmonizing, lyricism, raspy volume changing tempos, sometime doing all of these things at once (he calls is the “flip-flop flow”). Bizzy is one of the most unique rappers in hip hop history. Here’s some of my favorite songs from his solo career.

1. “Hellafied Game”:
This song is dedicated to his brother who was murdered on a drug deal gone wrong. Bizzy Bone poured his heart out on this song. This is especially seen on the hook where he says “what about your friends, my enemies seem to be creeping deep within.” Throughout the song Bizzy Bone questions the people around him and whether or not they have ulterior motives. It’s a really retrospective song that shows off Bizzy’s songwriting ability.

2. “I Understand”
Here, Bizzy reflects on the poor decisions he’s made in his past and explains how music saved him from dying on multiple occasions. The passion he displays here–especially on the 3rd verse where he explains how he has a disconnect with his intermediate family–is what makes Bizzy so dope, since he’s got material everyone can relate to on this song

3. “Twin Towers” feat. Jim Jones
The combination of the lyrics and flow on this song by Bizzy was immaculate. Even Jim Jones stepped his bars up on this track. Some of my favorite couple lines from the song go a bit like this:

Born in the poverty, probably never get off the monopoly/ 
Want me to stop wit all the monotony look at me awkwardly…
Hide my brocolli, nigga what?” 
Bizzy started off this track snapping one of his better displays of lyricism here.

4. “Don’t Doubt Me” 
My favorite song off The Gift he addressed the rift between him and Bone Thugs, touched on religion, dissed fake rappers and spoke about being a foster kid. The rapid fire delivery with the guitar beat matched up perfectly on here (Ed. Note: This is one off my all-time favorite Bizzy Bone songs).

5. “Got My People Dying” feat. Majesty
With a unique twist on “All this Love” by Debarge, Majesty delivered a strong opening verse and Bizzy finished things by talking about the people who were close to him who died doing his patented flip flop flow. The delivery on this song was GOAT.

6. “Try Hustle Me”
One of Bizzy’s best lyrical displays. For instance: 

My inspiration enlights this vision, smokin this purple/

This sticky icky is the medicine that it didn’t on commercials/
The cyclical nature of niggaz gotten me by this oracle/
Documented for planted a wagon/
Draggin historical like morbital, suspended in space/
Rappin in circles/
We ain’t winnin but we is as crazy as fuck/
Upclose and personal, preminitions of the gloriest/
Dated, we’ll be victorious, so many different choices/
These fake niggaz is poisonous/
Damn I need ta kill the noises.” 

Bizzy started this song spitting fire and sang extremely well on he hook this song is a great reflection of his versatility.

7. “Philosophical Gangsta” 
This is an unreleased underground song by Bizzy Bone (he’s got over 100 unreleased songs). This beat is amazing and his flow and wordplay on this song is top notch. It’s got a distinct East Coast vibe–which was different for him. But, he, once again, showed his versatility.

Overall Bizzy Bone is one of those artists who the casual fan may underestimate because he has a different style. But, there aren’t too many artist in hip-hop history who have the combination of lyrics, flow and song writing ability that Bizzy Bone has compiled over a 20+ year career. People can recite his Bone Thugs verses, but solo-wise? Bizzy has a nice catalog low-key. He’s had a plethora of issues throughout his life but he still put out good music consistently and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for creating the harmonizing/rap style that is so common with today’s artist.  

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