An SOTB!!! Interview with @OHaiNaomi

NSFW WARNING AND/OR DISCLAIMER: As with the PA Pieces on, the following interview may not be suitable for all readers. It’s not too vulgar but there is some mature content. Figured I’d throw a warning in here so Google and/or some more prudish people doesn’t get all pissy.

Still with me? Good.

As it’s known, I’m a big anime and comic fan. I’m also a pretty big fan of young women and sexual expression. When you combine the two, for me, there’s that magical intersection that should be appreciated by many. Today’s interview combines both of these personal favorites. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you a fast-rising up-and-comer who’s putting in a lot of work–and is representing (quite well, I might add) for black camsters and nerdy folk–Naomi, better known by her handle ohaiNaomi.

Speed: For those sadly unaware of your awesome, can you give them a quick rundown of who you are and what you do?
Naomi: Well, I’m Naomi also known as “ohaiNaomi.” I’m 19, and long story short, I make amateur porn from my home!
Speed: When did you first say to yourself, “hey, I enjoy pleasure and such, why not film myself?”
Naomi: Originally, I wasn’t doing amateur videos. I started working as a camgirl on a few different popular camsites two months after my 18th birthday. Working as a camgirl, it was a part of my job to produce content such as videos or photosets to sell while I’m on cam.

Eventually, videos started to be my best sellers. I found a few months later and it seemed like a nice way to make money while I wasn’t online. I started to get tired of the competition and inconsistent traffic that came with webcamming, so I focused on making short videos.

Speed: Ok, this may be a really personal question. So, I enjoy when a woman is capable of squirting, especially since the human body’s such a wondrous thing. I love all women, but…yeah (laughs). Anyhow, as a young woman who fully embraces female ejaculation, when did you first discover your ability to bring yourself to that point?

Naomi: I don’t really remember how old I was, but it was the first time I’d ever tried to finger myself. I’d Googled how to’s on finding the G-spot and achieving orgasm through penetration. I remember doing it and freaking out thinking I had peed all over my bed.

Speed: So, the first time, you were, like, quizzical of what happened or were you aware of what squirting was and that you’d just experienced your first orgasm of that kind?

Naomi: (laughs) Definitely. At the time, I could only cum from clitoral stimulation, so I didn’t know what was going on. It was a rush and felt good so I was even more confused.

Speed: Reminds me of the first time I came from oral. I see that you’re one of the top ManyVids models. How’d that come about?

Naomi: I really don’t know honesty. When I started out on MV, I was in 800’s or so but there were maybe half of the girls that are on there now. I would try and promote the site and my own videos as much as I could while on cam.

I started climbing pretty quickly but I didn’t get above the top 100 until I committed to making videos full time. From there I was producing them pretty quickly so I was selling more than other girls. Being a non-white, “curvy” model has been an advantage and a disadvantage.

Speed: I know you’re probably honored about the notice that you’ve gotten, but would you like more people to notice your awesome?

Naomi: Honestly, no. I love attention just as much as anyone else but sometimes I feel a little undeserving. It’s overwhelming. I’ve never been as confident as I have since I started sex work, so this is all still new to me.

Speed: Understandable. So, do you feel that camgirls and adult entertainers who are persons of color–black especially–get ignored? And, if so, what would you say to get those who ignore your skills and sexiness to get their attention?

Naomi: Really glad you included this question. Absolutely. Hell yes. You look at any porn site and you’ll see white girls spread all over the front page. They always make more than similar, non-white models. Let’s just put it this way: they don’t have a category for white women in porn because they don’t need one.

I don’t really have anything to say to those who ignore me because I’m black. I’d rather not have their attention.

Speed: Alright…to follow up, do you feel that our society focuses too much on skin tone instead of following that “great” adage “it’s all pink on the inside?”

Naomi: No. I think that it’s good people are starting to be more open and comfortable in the skin they’re in. Ignoring skin color all together and looking at everyone as the same is not only irrational, but it’s racist.
Speed: True.
Naomi: Most people who say shit like “we’re all humans anyway” are typically the kind who only feel that way when the case applies to themselves.
Speed: How do you tend to deal with folks who steal your work and post it on sites like YouPorn, ShesFreaky, etc.?
Naomi: At first, it felt really invasive and made me uncomfortable. Luckily most of those sites will take videos down if you file a DCMA. I’ve filed so many, I just consider it a part of my job description now.
Speed: What about those who try to slut-shame you for embracing your sexy?
Naomi: I’m not the one.

(Laughs) I’ve heard it all before, so don’t waste your time or breath. There are 7 billion people in the world. Why are you worried about what I do with MY body?

Speed: I assume that the guy who appears in some of your films is your S.O. How does he feel about being and sexing on camera? I only ask since, with most of my interviews of this nature, the artists tend to stick to solo work. So, your videos are unique in that way.
Naomi: I don’t have many with him but while he doesn’t mind, he hates doing them. Even amateur porn takes a lot of work to make happen and I think he would much rather leave the work to me and enjoy having sex off-camera (laughs).
Speed: True shit. Do you plan to open up your own site? Or are you going to stick with ManyVids, MyFreeWebcams, etc. for the time being?
Naomi: I’ve been working on it! It was supposed to already be published, but I’m not good with deadlines. I’m done with MFC for now.
Speed: One of first things that caught my attention was your Yoko Littner cosplay. As readers of the site know, I’m a huge Gurren Lagann fan. How have you been able to inject your nerdy side into your work?
Naomi: It was pretty easy actually. Lots of girls do the little Sailor Moon cosplays with the bikinis you can buy online, and that was my first cosplay video. I then did Gamora, and she was one of my favorites. I just love getting into character and feeling like someone else for a moment. People seemed to really like my Yuno cosplay so I stuck with it. It also makes it fun. I enjoy cosplay videos 10x more than vanilla ones.

Speed: I’ve gotta check Future Diary out. Ive been putting it off for a while. With that said, what are some of your favorite anime? Would it be safe to assume Gurren Lagann is on that list somewhere?

Naomi: Not on my top 5, maybe my top 10. Yoko was more for my boyfriend who is really into her.

Speed: Good choice, by the way.

Naomi: I did enjoy the series. But to be honest? I’m into the gruesome stuff. Some of my favorites are Psycho Pass, Blood C, Elfen Lied, and GITS. I have a thing for deadly women.

Speed: They’re some of the sexiest. Have you heard they’re doing a GITS game?

Naomi: Noooooooooo! Holy shit I can’t imagine how awesome that would be. I suck at video games but I would definitely give that a try.

Speed: From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t have as much of the GITS feel, outside of the intro missions. Let’s hope they fix that and introduce more of what made the movies and the series legendary.

So, do you cosplay outside the “adult entertainment”/camming world? Or is it strictly for the cam world?

Naomi: I actually have never cosplayed outside of porn. I wasn’t confident enough to dress up at cons before but I might get into it in the near future! I’m not much of a people person, so strangers taking pictures of/with me makes me anxious.

Speed: Since you dressed as Deadpool in one of your videos, one that I’ve actually got to cop myself, I’ve gotta ask. Do you think that Ryan Reynolds will be a good Deadpool? Or do you think Reynolds will get so caught up in the goofy side that he’ll forget that, in addition to being one of the most quirky, bat-shit crazy Marvel superheroes, Deadpool is also quite friggin’ deadly?

Naomi: Honestly no, I think Ryan is a good pick. I haven’t seen him in many serious roles but he seems like he knows what he’s doing. I just hope they don’t try and dim it down for the kids. You’re right, he is deadly, but he’s pretty crude in general.

Speed: The trailers seem pretty decent, though. And, it’s an R-rated flick. So, fingers crossed. Aside from embracing your inner otaku and your nerdishness, what are some activities you enjoy when you’re not filming?

Naomi: I’m really crafty. Like Martha Stewart crafty.

Speed: Oh, really now?

Naomi: I Pintrest more than your local soccer mom. I’m actually quite the artíst.

Speed: Also, aside from webcamming and the like, what other things are you pursuing?

Naomi: At the moment? I’m hoping to get into cosplay professionally. If I can ever get into it without taking my clothes off, I would love to do professional shoots and events.

Speed: Do you have any advice to who want to explore the camming world?

Naomi: It’s hard to give advice to people who want to get into online sex work because many people want different things. Some want to be successful and make a lot of money and other just enjoy the attention and the money is a nice bonus. So if you’re interested in whatever whether it be webcam modeling or amateur porn producing as a full time career, the only thing I can tell you is to not give up.
[The] majority of girls quit their first few months because they didn’t see the results they wanted right away. Some days men may give away money like its nothing but the next you may not make a dime. You just have to be patient, learn the hustle and stick with it. I can’t tell you how many times I have claimed I was going to quit. It’s not easy, it’s rewarding, but it’s not easy. And like anything thats rewarding, you have to earn it.

Speed: Great advice. Finally, as I always end my interviews with folks, do you’ve got any final shoutouts, words of wisdom, etc. to provide?

Naomi: I’d like to thank all of supporters whether it be customers or regular followers who have helped me get as far as I have. Super special thanks to my boyfriend, Nathan. He does a lot more for my business than he gets credit for. And a shoutout to all awkward/nerdy/quirky black women out there! Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t sexy.
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