New Music: @nighlawn x @natureboimusic – "CRUZZ"

I’ve always been a sucker for Willie Hutch. The man was a genius and such an underrated talent. One of my favorite tracks of his is “Mack’s Stroll,” from The Mack OST. It’s just the epitome of funk, of pimping, of everything right with music from the 70s (and, possibly, wrong with society). It helped make one of my all-time favorite Bossman tracks, “Dat Night,” from the criminally-underrated Law & Order mixtape. Usher’s “Superstar” has helped me to talk with women, and it also samples the Hutch track. So, suffice to say, I love just about anything that uses “Mack’s Stroll.” If I hear it on a beat, I’m like…

On the heels of SPRNTRL, imagine my surprise when Arlington, Virginia-based artist NighLawn dropped into my inbox with “CRUZZ,” a Nature Boi-aided track featuring a Nature flip of the aforementioned Hutch track. A quick and breezy, summertime-friendly track that picks up right where “SPRNTRL High” ends, Nature and NighLawn escape from the craziness of the world and just ride.

When introducing herself, NighLawn explained that she was just getting back into music (sounds familiar, right?) and strives to be different. While still pulling out some innuendos and discussions about the opposite sex, she’s not going to always come out talking some off-the-wall wildness. That’s appreciated (because, as much as I love raunchiness…sometimes, a bit of subdued sheet talk is cool). Flow-wise, I really rock with her double-time flow on this one, as it fits well over the chilled beat. Check it out below.

Speed on the Beat

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