New Music: @MikeMelinoe – Caveman

Where do I begin with this one? The harsh lyricism, the dreamy production that goes from dream to nightmare without a second’s notice, or the ability Mike has to put words together to create a dark, yet optimistic, atmosphere (in that, while things are shitty, Mike’s still rapping and not doing anything crazy yet, so there’s still hope). Hmmm…decisions, decisions. 
I’ll just start with it all. 
The EP is what happens when you take “GOAT”-caliber Eminem, mix him with some Danny Brown decisions, and make it digestible for the Lil Uzi Vert fans of the world. That’s no insult to anyone mentioned. The atmosphere of the tracks lets Mike explore freely his flow and lyrics in a way that you’re starting to see every artist come out do. But, there’s still something decisively “old-schooly” about his approach to it all. The concept, which sees Mike contemplate whether he wants or even needs to exit his “cave,” is excellently executed through the production and Mike’s lyrics.
Speed on the Beat

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