New Music: @Jeezy – Trap or Die 3 in 300 Words or Less

Jeezy returns with the newest Trap or Die sequel. Now, I’m always against making “sequel albums,” unless there’s a growth within the projects. For instance, my DAR compatriot True God. He’s done three Soul Revival albums, and each one shows growth and evolution within the narrative.

Trap of Die 3 is kind of a middle-of-the-road type of album in this sense. There is an evolution of the narrative, but it also comfortably falls back onto, well, trapping. Jeezy took some risks on his beat selection and his approach to the album, opting to now just stick with your “typical” Jeezy subjects and production.

That “classic Jeezy” is there, but there’s a bit of evolution within the project. Highlight tracks on the project include “Never Settle,” which starts off with the line “I’ll leave the bars to Kendrick and Cole, I spit that real life.” That sums up my feelings on the album perfectly. It’s not “lyrical” in the hippity-hop sense, but it gives up yet another look into the life of a by any means hustler. It doesn’t really need to be overly lyrical; the stories being told more than make up for the lack of “lyrical cereal serial miracle” flows.

Final Verdict: Stream

Speed on the Beat

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