New Music: @MeekMill – DC4 in 300 Words or Less

Apologies in advance to my family, since I’m covering this project.

I don’t hate Meek Mill. I think that he’s more about beefing with everyone and financially masturbating over his possessions than making classic music. But, I don’t hate him. He, more or less, has his rightful place in hip-hop. I do, however, hate the fact that his projects always have a similar feel to them. DC4 is no exception. For every step we get to a Meek Mill that doesn’t rely on circle-jerking about cash and material things, we get five steps back into that territory.

The sad thing is this: he seemingly doesn’t give a shit that he’s giving his fans literally a retread of all his past work. Why? Well, like any other artist stan, Meek fans will eat it up. This project will not convince you to love Meek Mill if you already have gripes against him. It feels, more or less, like loosies left off of DWMTM that were spitshined to appear new again. The beat selection is, as always, pretty solid. Flow-wise, Meek switches up ever so slightly, but usually stays in his comfort zone. But, the tracks rely too much on overshadow-level guest appearances and topics we’ve heard from Meek before. There are five solo songs on this fourteen-song collection. On a project that’s been this hyped, you can’t allow that to happen. It’d be like Tupac allowing Tha Outlawz to outshine him on every track they appear on. 
If you’re a Meek fan, go stream it. If you’re looking to become a Meek fan, find DC1 or DC2. If you’re like me, and you’re kind of apathetic towards what Meek does (aside from a few tracks here or there), you’ll probably still feel apathetic after checking this out. 
Final Verdict: Stream if you’re a Meek fan; avoid if you’re not
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