New SOTBMusic: @KuntryKali – GreenHouse

December 4th is known universally as Jay Z’s birthday. However, there are a lot of other victories for the game that occurred on the Birth of Hov. For instance, on a smaller scale, Kuntry Kali has some new music for the SOTB faithful. According to Kali, yesterday marked year since Kali relocated from PG County, MD to Los Angeles, CA. Because of this anniversary, Kali dropped his first official mixtape GreenHouse.

Kali mentioned to me, via email, that “GreenHouse defines growth, independence, and maturity. This 10 track tape gives [my] journey from a young indie artist and the paths [I’ve] taken since moving to LA.” With production from a plethora of producers such as Gino $, Big Homie, Neezie, Taz Taylor, this entire tape gives a lot of versatility and creativity, showing the audience variety. I’m a big fan of tracks such as “Tryin’ Ball,” as they show the aforementioned versatility through providing storytelling through more modernized flows and approaches to the track. It’s not just turn up and smooth ride-out tracks, though the turn up is still prevelant. Instead, Kali provides us with a realistic look at his life and his growth over the past year, using his “Kuntry Flow” to do so.

Check out GreenHouse below.

Speed on the Beat

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