The Orioles Resigned Mark Trumbo: Some Thoughts on What That May Mean

Image Credit: AP Images

In case you missed it, the Orioles and Mark Trumbo are reuniting, and for a slight bargain. I will keep this one short. I know that Inauguration Weekend has probably taken a lot out of everyone. But, let’s get into it.

For the approximately 18-20 million the Blue Jays spent to bring Jose Bautista back, the Orioles were able to bring Mark Trumbo back for about 12-13 million a year. For those keeping score at home, the Orioles could still pick up another cog for their pitching staff for the money they saved on the Trumbo deal.

Will that bring in a good starter? Eh, probably not. Unlike mashers, decent starting pitching isn’t at a surplus this year via Free Agency. Plus, those who have been picked up that way have been PAID with a capital dollar sign. So, let’s dash those pipedreams now. We’re probably not picking up the missing link for 7-8 million a year.
But, the Trumbo signing and last year’s resigning of Chris Davis represents that the Orioles aren’t afraid to pay for talent anymore. Sure, they’ll need probably twice the amount they paid for Davis to resign Manny Machado, but I feel that any GM worth their weight will go to he’ll and back to try and get that deal done. And I mean actually try, not let’s lowball an offer on him just to say “oh we actually tried” try.
Dan Duquette and his team seem to be capable of legit trying, and that’s something we haven’t been able to say about some of the Orioles’ previous staffs. Now, let’s get some solid pitchers here and bring it on home.
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