New SOTBMusic: @BrownBoiMaj – Maj (LP Stream)

Broke boi Brown Boi Maj returns with a full-length project to hang “Broke Boi” onto, Maj. The 11-track album features spots from folks such as JusXJustice and manages to extend the mythos behind being a broke boi further. The brutally honest LP features Maj as a vulnerable guy who’s still getting comfortable in his own skin. However, through this, we’re given a further look into what makes Maj an artist that can appeal to a wide variety of fanbases.

With songs such as “Lo$er,” “Broke Boi,” and “$he,” Maj floats along the beat, bringing old school sensibilities to new school instrumentation. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet collection of energies and subject matter, even when the subjects tend to focus on “broke boi logic.” Why? Well, on top of the meshing of styles, Maj just has a voice that’s hypnotizing while still managing to not be overly syrupy (sweet) or syrup-y (Drug & B-like). Stream the project below and, if you’re rocking with it, be sure to support him by copping a copy through iTunes and all that.

Speed on the Beat

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