New SOTBMusic: @KendrickLamar – The Heart Part 4 (In GIF Form)

Instead of writing a bunch about Kendrick Lamar’s new track, I’ll represent my feelings in GIF form. I still say “gif” as in “gift” versus “jiff,” but maybe I’m old school. Anyway, let’s begin.
When I heard about it, I was excited. I had to prep myself for the awesome like this, since it was early in the morning. I was driving to work and these things happen. 
Once the track started playing, I was like “cool. This is dope, Kendrick. Aw Kenny, good game! I got something new to ride to.”
Then, when he started just flaming the track, my ears and mind couldn’t process the awesome I partook in. 
He went at him and him and him with such precision that he pretty much dropped “Control Part 2” right up against stuff like More Life, the new Rozay and so on. Naturally, I screamed out like a maniac after the track was over. 
People in the cars next to me probably thought I had some sort of episode over the fact that Kendrick kind of One-Punch Manned the entire game (not just the mainstream) in under five minutes. It was amazeballs.
But, enough of my reactions. Go listen to the track. Now. And pray we get responses from everyone he actually flamed on this one. It’s good for “the culture” and all that stuff.
Speed on the Beat

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