SOTB Presents Eleven Questions with @OMG_ItsKhairy

Comedy is a fickle artform, in the sense that you’ve always got to keep your pulse on the world. Otherwise, you’re going to come with some stale-ass jokes about something no one in their right mind cares about. Today’s interviewee understands that and has taken that philosophy to new heights in his war against the unfunny, the meme-worthy and the sheer clusterfuckiness that surrounds us on a daily basis. Oh, and he’s the guy who turned me onto Dragon Ball Super.

While we kept things pretty short, I’m sure that today’s interviewee needs little introduction. I give you Khairy the Comedian.

Speed: Can we get a bit of your origin story?

Khairy: Well I’m from Baltimore, East Baltimore. I gotta make sure I specify that. [I was] born and raised here. I originally did standup last summer and I did okay. In January of 2017, I decided I would take it as far as I could.

Speed: How’d you get your start on Twitter?

Khairy: It’s funny you ask ’cause I actually made my Twitter in 2010, I think. I just started getting shine in 2015, I think. It was after I told the story about getting catfished in high school. Ugh. You guys can look that up. I called it “Something’s Fishy” (Ed. Note: links to story above in embedded tweet). Then, my first viral tweet was the one about Meek asking Nicki to go outside. That one did 12k in a hour. So, I basically stayed consistent and gained traction.

// What drove you to comedy?

Khairy: I love to make people smile man. I don’t know why but I always did. So, entertainment is like a passion of mine. Plus, I love to crack jokes. So, add those things with my love of story telling and it was bound to happen.

Speed: What’s the hardest part about translating from Twitter to a live audience?

Khairy: There aren’t any memes to back me up. Like, I don’t have a .gif playing on a screen or a funny picture. It’s literally all about how I present it to the audience. I’m the meme to them.

Speed: Walk me through prep for a routine. What goes through your mind while you’re preparing?

Khairy: My ritual before a show is this. A chicken box from Ronnie’s in Northeast Market, a medium sunshine smoothie, and music. Whatever I’m feeling at the time that’s what I’m listening too while I’m outside of the venue waiting for the doors to open.

Speed: How do you deal with hecklers? 
Khairy: Honestly I haven’t had a serious one yet man. I do well though when I do. I usually try to throw a jab and bait them for the KO. On YouTube there’s a video of my show in February and I played off people in the crowd well.

Speed: Who are some of your influences comedy-wise?

Khairy: Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, Ralphie May, and George Lopez. Dave Chappelle is honestly the best comedian alive to me.

Speed: Where do you see yourself taking the act? Where do you want it to go?

Khairy: I want it to go as far as I’m blessed enough for it to go. Though I don’t look at it as an act. I would this of it as a launching pad. I eventually would love to start acting and directing. I hope to eventually start working with companies like ADD and other media platforms to make this all happen.

Speed: Who are some other acts you want to work with?

Khairy: Lean Squad. Those are DMV guys and I think they’re hilarious. Khadi the Don is another one I would love to work with. @_Stroxxx_ is another young comedian coming up in New Orleans and I would hope to work with him one day as well as ADD.

Speed: Where can folks, outside of Twitter, find you?

Khairy: YouTube, man. That’s my next move and focus. Instagram is there too, I have the same @ on everything, [@OMG_ItsKhairy].

Speed: Do you’ve any parting words for readers, potential fans, etc.?

Khairy: Thank you for all the love and support you guys have been showing me. I really appreciate you all man. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube and IG. Always make sure to chase your dreams. 

Speed on the Beat

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