New SOTBMusic: @IamMightyMark x @MIKEMIKEZOME – The Party Starter XX

I’m not as active in the Baltimore Club scene as I once was, but whenever a release crosses my desk, timeline, etc., I check it out. I’m from Baltimore, so it’s like a tasty jam obligation that I have to check the club music. This release, from Mighty Mark, is, in one word, epic. It both takes us back to his Murda Mark days while still giving us enough new tastiness to keep our heads nodding and our feet Spongebobbing like we were back in the mid-2000s (I still rock off, though. IDGAF).

This released, first premiered by the folks over at Blisspop, is excellent and a great follow-up to the original The Party Starter tape. It’s aggressive as hell and lives up to its title. Additionally, it’s a great look into what makes Baltimore Club music great and unable to be duplicated fully. It’s a sound that, like go-go, is somewhat universal but it distinctively belongs to Baltimore. No offense to Philly Club, Jersey Club or whatever, but there’s just something about Baltimore Club Music that is unable to be fully replicated. So, enough of me, let’s get into it.

Speed on the Beat

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