New SOTBMusic: @BrysonTiller – True To Self

You’re probably expecting a full-on review of Bryson Tiller’s new album True To Self. That’s not happening. For once, I had to get a bit of sleep when highly-anticipated albums dropped on the random. Therefore, I haven’t had time to digest it as well as, say, Everybody or DAMN. or even SHINE. Plus, there was that matter of Gucci and Yachty dropping the same time as TTS and I try to give everything a fair listen–yes, even Yachty. With that said, what I’m hearing thus far feels like a more-evolved version of T R A P S O U L. I’ll pass on judging whether or not that’s really a good thing or a bad one.

All I know is that I’m on the third listen of the project over the past 10 hours or so and it hasn’t wore out its welcome yet. But, as I said, it feels just like T R A P S O U L. Similar tropes exist, but the production is, as always, crisp and there is a sign of evolution in the project versus full-on rehashing. If that’s what you’re expecting, you’ll probably wear a hole in the disc or run up your data streaming it. If you want more, it may get a listen, then you’re like “alright. Heard it all before.” If you’re in the middle, like I’ve tended to be about Bryson’s music over the past few years, you’ll like it, but may not love it on the first few listens. Anyway, enough of me. Here’s the project.

Speed on the Beat

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